Sunday Photo: Dream House

//Sunday Photo: Dream House

Once again, it’s Sunday! Meaning it’s a day of relaxation, of spending time with loved ones and of dreaming of an awesome future. Since i was 15 years old i have been living alone, every 2-4 years moving to a different apartment and it was okay.  I am saying okay, because it was fun to be a teenager and move to different parts of the city every now and then and not be troubled by parents. I did what i wanted when i wanted, although i felt pretty lonely at times. Anyways, 4 years ago i moved to Timisoara and i designed my own apartment, making it cosy and homey and purple, as i wished, and i love it here! But, a few months ago, my boyfriend moved in with me, so my little cute apartment got a little crowded, i needed to give him my closet space, my shoes space -we both have too many – and other things. So, now, after living happily together for 7 months it is time to think of a home where we can have enough space and our own fingerprints on the design. -This is what grown ups do, right?

So, we have been thinking: where to move? do we want an apartment or a house? What kind? Should it be wooden, should it be glass, should it be minimalist, should it be classic, etc?

After all the talks and day dreams i finally decided on what i want. It is highly important to know WHAT YOU WANT and not what others think it’s best for you or what society tells you it’s right. So, i want a 3 bedroom house, with one level, half of it to be out of glass – i love natural light and i want to have as much as possible- 2 offices -one where i can express my creativity as i have done with my apartment, and one for my boyfriend- a open living room with a fire place where we can have friends over and tell stories, drink wine and an open big kitchen where we can cook, because we both love to cook. Master bedroom should have a Jacuzzi. Outside i want a patio with fluffy chairs and in front of it a pool.

Here are some great designs regarding beautiful, modern homes! They look a lot like my dream home!

country-house-540796_640  forest-house-lake-idyllic-large  holiday-house-177401_640  holiday-house-186366_640  home-622984_640  home-655273_640  home-794367_640  hotel-rooms-510949_640  inside-apartment-design-home-large  island-779387_640  light-art-house-architecture-large  live-827112_640  mountains-village-forest-trees-large  real-estate-325276_640  real-estate-325278_640  rome-599002_640  stairs-home-loft-lifestyle-large  table-white-home-interior-large  town-home-592475_640  villa-115191_640  villa-186364_640  villa-267335_640  wood-house-modern-large

What is your dream home? Have ever wondered about it?

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