Stylish Travel Clothes: How to Look Good While Globetrotting the World

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Nothing is more exciting than the idea of traveling.

Choosing destinations, restaurants, to-do’s, and everything in between makes planning a trip romantic and inspiring — except for packing.

Packing the “right” things while staying fashionable and within the means of a suitcase can be a challenge, even for experienced travelers.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a formula you can follow when it comes to picking stylish travel clothes. Keep reading to find out how to pack trendy and stress-free.

1. Be Mindful of Where You’re Going

Save room in your luggage for more cute clothes by knowing the season and weather of the places you’re going.

Similarly, think about the terrain and the activities you’ll be doing. Don’t pack heels and stumble across the Great Wall.

And finally, most importantly, choose compassion over fashion. If the culture sees dressing in a certain way as disrespectful, honor that. You’re in their space, their home, and you want to treat it as such.

That isn’t to say you can’t dress moderately with style.

2. Keep it Comfortable

We’re not talking sweat pants here unless you’re going for a trendy jogger look, Gigi Hadid-style.

Rather, we mean to say that it’s important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. You should be able to walk around all day, hike if you want to, and be as free as possible in your chosen outfits.

Fashion designer Vera Wang said, “a woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes.” She once trained to be an Olympic figure skater, so take her advice that cute travel outfits can be comfortable.

3. Pick Items You Can Build Off Of

Most of what you back should be interchangeable basics. Pack a universal pair of well-fitting pants, a grey or black dress and skirt, and a jacket that looks good with everything.

Opt for solid color tops that can be dressed up or down.

This will make it easier to layer, too. If you’re going to places that are cold, grab a grey and black pair of fleece or faux fur leggings.

If you keep the majority of your suitcase simple, you’ll be able to pack less. Then, you can shop at your destination for special pieces, supporting locals while meshing the local style with your own.

4. Stylish Travel Clothes Depend On Accessories

Pack statement jewelry, a scarf that works as a shawl, a cute hat, popping sunglasses, and a fashionable but functional purse to keep you from looking like a tourist with a backpack.

Use these accessories to change up your basics and add your own element of style, without taking up much room in your bags.

5. Pack For a Special Occasion

Even if you don’t know what the special occasion is, pack an outfit that makes you feel confident and looks stunning.

Get a unique top for a reasonable price at an online retailer, so when the time comes, you can dress up in a head-turning outfit.

Less is More

You don’t want to haul around a stuffed bag full of clothes you might not wear.

Instead, pack what you need and what you want — versatile and stylish travel clothes.

Don’t be afraid to repeat some items knowing that you can add a splash of perfume if your travels don’t lead you to a washing machine for a period of time.

Pack your basics, your accessories, your special occasion fit, your confidence, and your mindfulness. If you do, you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy your travels and keep reading our blog for more fashion and lifestyle tips.

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