Staying Safe: 13 Smart Safety Tips for Everyday Activities

//Staying Safe: 13 Smart Safety Tips for Everyday Activities
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It’s always better to be safe than sorry. One of the best ways to avoid danger around you is by paying attention to your surroundings. 

Having a high level of awareness in your everyday activities can prevent lots of trouble and incidents. Here are 13 easy tips that help with staying safe in your daily routines.

1. Be Alert at Night

If you have to run errands at night, make sure you pay good attention to your surroundings and people in it.  Be sure to confirm that there is no one following you and remember to lock your car door when you get. Also, check your backseats when you get back into the car. 

If you ever realize someone is following you, don’t go to your car. Keep walking until you find the next crowded location where you can ask for help.

2. Carry Your Car Key In-Hand 

Having your car in your hand is an underrated method for staying safe. It makes sure you have fast, easy to get into your vehicle, which decreases exposure to any intruders. Also, the key can be used as a weapon in the event of an attack. 

3. Keep Curtains Closed

One of the best ways of staying safe is to keep your privacy. This can be done making sure you close your curtains in your home. It’s especially important if you in an apartment on a lower floor or with windows downstairs in your home.

4. Avoid Shortcuts

If you’re in an unknown place, always use the regular roads. Also, if you have an early or late running routine, change your routes every once in a while. This ensures you don’t become an easy target for anyone to follow you.

5. Staying safe in public transportation

Always follow instructions on public transportation that helps all civilians with staying safe. For instance, if you aren’t supposed to stand or sit in a certain on the train then avoid doing this. 

Also, make sure you are aware of all off your belongings when riding. Keep your pockets and bags fastened tightly so that there isn’t easy access. 

6. Buy Mase

One of the scariest situations to be in is being attacked. Some people think about this often but there are ways to fight back. You can carry mase around with you to help you have leverage in an attack.

Mase is especially useful for women that are focused on staying safe. It can help to escape an attacker.

7. Always Lock Up Your Medications

If you have a cabinet full of prescribed medicine, don’t leave it open for your guests. there is a lot of personal information on your bottles so it’s best not to keep in them out in plain sight. This is also an important tip for people with children.

8. Double Check Door Locks Before Leaving Home

One of the easiest ways to invite an intruder into your home is to leave your doors unlocked. This is a common mistake that people make when rushing or during a chaotic moment. However, you should think about everything that you may have missed once you’ve gotten into your car or outside the house. 

9. Activate Security Cameras Before Leaving Home

Having security cameras in your home can help to prevent and eliminate home burglaries. At the least, it will catch the perpetrator. 

There are many different types of security systems that you can get installed in your home to help you and your family with staying safe. Before leaving home, always activate your security camera and systems. Depending on the safety system that you have you may be able to activate and check cameras remotely from your phone.

Consider installing driveway alarms as well for an extra sense of security on your property.

10. Be Cautious at the ATM

Before doing privacy-sensitive things like withdrawing money from an ATM, always look around to see if there cameras that you don’t trust. Also, if you feel like something is not right with a machine, don’t use it. Find another one and notify the bank staff that something might be wrong.

This applies to any device that takes a biometric read of your data too. If something is off, don’t provide your fingerprints.

11. Never Give Info to Suspicious Numbers

There have been plenty of issues with spam calls recently. Sometimes these numbers will call from local area codes which can cause you to trust them.

Never give up personal information to a number or company that you can’t identify. Immediately put suspicious calls and robot numbers on the block and unwanted list. 

12. Be Responsible Drinking in Public

It’s easy to be vulnerable when you’re drunk. Eat before you drink alcohol, and drink a lot of water to avoid getting too drunk. 

If you need extra support when you’re out, take a friend with you. Also, never leave your drinks unattended. It’s also best not to accept drinks from strangers.

Call an Uber or taxi if you don’t feel sober enough to drive home. 

13. Use Travel Safety 

Traveling is one of the best experiences in life. However, there are a few things to remember during your explorations.

Firstly, do your research about the areas you’ll be in to get familiar with the culture and directions. Also, always make sure your money and personal belongings are close to your body.

Read reviews of places before you go and try to go places with a travel buddy whenever possible. Another great tip is to tell someone about the locations that you’ll be going to. Leave the address and possibly send them a location message from your phone with the GPS so they’ll know exactly where you are.

Start Staying Safe More Often 

You can avoid a lot of incidents and unfortunate events by applying preventative steps for staying safe. It all comes down to being aware of yourself and others around you.

Take extra precautions in your home by installing security cameras and alarm systems. Most importantly, take your time and listen to your gut.

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