Us, girls, know that time is everything. Time is money and this is not being said by just one person. It’s a serious fact. So, when it comes to beauty, one of our all-time favorite subjects, time, also, counts for something and we are permanently in search of simple beauty tips.

We might not have always time to make ourselves perfect – beauty does require it’s time, if you want to shine and look like you’ve just stepped out of a TV show. That’s why, today, a lot of us are looking for simple beauty tips and fast ways to do our beauty routine.

Simple Beauty Tips

Let’s Talk Beauty. How To Do It In 5 Minutes?

For those of us that are always on the run and doing something, recipes and different simple beauty tips that take less than 5 minutes are Godsends.

Take this example for instance: you have a problem with dark spots on your face. How do you solve it fast? By searching for some simple beauty tips that require just one ingredient, like how to get rid of dark spots on your face! . Easy, right?

#1. Makeup Beauty Tips

How to get noticed in 5 minutes?

Simple. Choose a lipstick that can stand out on its own and a black mascara. You’re all set. This takes about two minutes or less, so you also have time to add a touch of highlight on your cheeks.

When you’re opting for the no-makeup look, a skin foundation or BB/CC cream and a mascara are your ingredients. Again, this is a look that can be done in less than 5 minutes.

simple beauty tips

How to highlight your skin fast?

You need to have a fresh and clean face and only one highlighter. Use it on the top of your cheekbones, below your brows and above your lips. This beauty trick gives volume to your look.


#2. Hair, Nails, And Skin Tips

How to keep your hair fresh when you don’t have the time to wash it?

A dry shampoo is your answer. Check so that dry shampoo also provides volume to your hair and you’re done in no time.

Condition your hair fast by massaging a small amount of coconut oil on your scalp and hair. Leave it on your hair for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly (you don’t want to have greasy hair).

Today, a messy hair is one of the hottest hairstyles there are. And what can you do with your hair in just 5 minutes? A messy bun. They are all over Pinterest, so you can pick the one you like. It only takes a few minutes.

simple beauty tips

If you want your hair hydrated and healthy looking, here is a 5-minute mask recipe: mix an egg with a mashed banana and apply it on your hair. Sure, it needs to stay on more than 5 minutes (let’s say 15 minutes) in order to have any effect, but after that, you will be left with a conditioned, soft and shiny hair.

Nails, too, can benefit from a 5-minute treatment. For example, one of the easiest nail treatments is to soak your nails for 5 minutes in olive oil. Let the oil do its magic and admire, later, your beautiful hands.

A quick skin tip for dry and cracked skin is to cut an orange in half and rub it on your elbows and knees. This gives you a softer and more hydrated skin, considering your problematic skin areas, plus, it removes dead cells.

simple beauty tips

How to scrub in 5 minutes?

There are a lot of easy recipes regarding this subject, but one of our favorite is to mix olive oil with coffee grounds and rub well. It’s one of the most efficient and simple beauty tips.

#3. Beauty Traveling Tips

How to save time and space?

Whether you are in a hurry or not, staying hydrated is a must for your health and for a glowing skin. The easiest way to do it is to drink plenty of water as often as you can. This action takes a few seconds.

A great beauty tip if you are traveling by car or plane: go makeup free and use hydrating masks for your face and eyes. Also, in 5 minutes you can wash your face, use a cleanser to remove excess sebum, dirt, makeup leftovers and bacteria, dry your face up and hydrate it with a moisturizer.

simple beauty tips

Everybody knows that removing your makeup every single day is highly important if you want to have a healthy skin. And you can do this in less than 5 minutes if you use makeup removing wipes since they are available for every skin type.

Multitasking beauty items are key when traveling. They help you save space and time. Here is an idea: get a mini shea butter balm (you can also use cocoa) or a small bottle of jojoba oil. These can multitask so great. You can use them on your lips, eye skin, hands, elbows, feet, and all over your body to hydrate properly.


simple beauty tips

Remember, all of these are simple beauty tips that require 5 or less than 5 minutes to get things done, and I really get a feeling that these days, more and more of us do not have the necessary time to spare hours on ourselves when it comes to our beauty routine.

As you can see, there are plenty of natural and easy 5-minute tips and tricks when it comes to beauty. Whether we’re talking makeup, hair or skin, sometimes 5 minutes is just what it takes to highlight the beauty within you.

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