Simone Rocha’s Feminine Mystery

//Simone Rocha’s Feminine Mystery

Simone Rocha can be considered one of the most prominent new faces of London Fashion Week this season!

An esteemed designer, her collections bring out a dash of femininity and mystery that is unparalleled, and her comfortable attire have revolutionized the way we perceive feminine garments. She is very clear in her expression of fashion, being inspired by her Irish and Asian ancestors, and by her father, the esteemed designer, John Rocha. However much she might be influenced by her family’s birthplace, she wants to find her own place in the UK fashion world and this is steered clear throughout all her collections so far.


As you are already used to, we will have a little history of the designer, and, especially for Simone Rocha, as she is a new designer, it is important to know more about her, before understanding the trends that she launches.

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

Simone Rocha

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Simone Rocha was born in Dublin, Ireland, as the daughter of Odette and the designer, John Rocha. She has graduated the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and went on to follow the very famous Central Saint Martins MA in London, where her successful ascent started. She has first won us at the London Fashion Week MA graduate show in 2010, with her great understanding of the fabric and with her edgier view upon fashion.

Her combination of sheers created this rather minimalist mystery that characterizes her as a designer and that has kept the audience on the lookout for her clothes. Her asymmetrical designs and interesting inspiration have never failed to stun us, and her great attention to details make her collections coveted by the industry’s greatest. She has now an impressive list of buyers and shops that feature her garments and it is impressive to see how much she has grown in the past 4 years.

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

Simone Rocha and her father, designer, John Rocha

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Her latest collection, inspired by an exhibition she saw at the National Gallery, called, “Elizabeth I & Her People”. Every little piece in the collection is inspired by the sumptuous life of that era, with the main colors being gold, red and black. The garments are elegant and feminine, with interesting and asymmetrical volumes, which are so typical Simone. Her great attention to details prevails in this collection as well, and the beauty of the gold is shown through her make-up.


Now, let’s see the trends she launches…

#1 It’s a mix of volumes

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

The mix of volumes speaks louder than anything in her aesthetic and in her approach to clothing. Simone Rocha has volumes present in all her clothes and in all her collections, and the mix between them is unparalleled. She has this great feel for how the materials go together and this is very well seen throughout her show. You can mix volumes too, this about pencil skirts with ruffled shirts, or simply, a bodicon dress with an amazing coat, that is big and full of volume. Get inspired from Simone’s coats and dresses and you will not regret!

#2 Snakeskin is the way

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

Snakeskin has constantly been in and out of fashion, but this year it seems to be making a comeback. It is interesting to see how Rocha has adapted her voluminous clothes to this material which is rather tough and stiff. Her garments look elegant, feminine and extremely expensive at the same time. She has managed to give it a touch of herself and this is especially hard to accomplish as a new designer.


#3 Get ready for some ruffles

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

Ruffles are always present in the feminine clothes that we constantly imagine, but Simone manages to give them her authentic and interesting feel. As an emerging designer, her clothes have an ethos, which is hard to accomplish at the beginning. Being placed in a slightly weird manner, these ruffles also create the volumes that we have been speaking of earlier. They add, besides the touch of femininity, a touch of mystery and simple elegance to nay outfit.

#4 Sheer combinations

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

As her launch collection fascinated us through the sheers and the interesting cuts, this collection did not let us down. Her mix of sheers and patterns creates very intricate garments, that add a touch of sexiness in a very comfortable manner. As you have probably seen, the shoes she uses are mostly flats, so the sexiness has a constant feminine je ne sais-quoi that makes the Simone Rocha woman seem very down to earth. It is re-comforting to see her woman portrayed in such a way.


#5 Fur is not only Fendi

Fur is not only Fendi

Whenever you see fur on the catwalk, the first thought that pops into your head is Fendi. Indeed the notorious fashion house has established this persona, but Simone Rocha did not let herself go under the radar this fall collection and has added a material that is very specific to this moment of the year, fur. She has created fur bags, coats and blouses, but she has also added fur on the shoes, to add a sense of continuity. Her interesting approach to volumes, made the fur look all the more interesting and desired.

#6 Britishness is in the air

Simone Rocha's Feminine Mystery

What says British heritage better than tartan?!?!?! Honestly, nothing, as, besides the other typically British symbols, tartan has a special place that no other material can take. Her inspiration for the Elizabethan era is very obvious and the tartan could not miss the point as it is part of that time-frame and culture. Her red colored tartan is very inspiring and strong as a pattern, but at the same time provides a canvas for her volumes and ruffles which are not missing in these garments.


All in all, Simone Rocha paints the canvas of the modern, feminine and mysterious woman and her touches of sheer lets the imagination go wild with sexyness and elegance.

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