5 Bags That Every Woman Needs

//5 Bags That Every Woman Needs

Let’s first admit something – you probably have many more than 5 bags in your closet at any given moment!

For most women, bags are a little like shoes. Just because we have enough, doesn’t mean we ever really have enough. But having a huge number of handbags doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a diverse collection that covers every occasion.

Here, we lay out the 5 different types of bags that every woman, regardless of her style, needs in her collection.

#1 A Versatile Tote

Beautiful red tote bag

Ah, the magical tote. Every grownup girl on the go should own a good tote bag she can toss a bunch of random stuff in as she jets out the door. Just how big does it need to be though? Well, we’ll say this – if your tote can’t fit the following items all at once, you should look for a bigger one: an umbrella, a bottle of water, a tablet, a cardigan, wallet, keys, phone, and a cosmetic pouch. Your tote can and should have a more casual vibe, as it will probably serve you on casual work days, errands and as a carry-on for flights. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be chic. If you prefer a neutral, go for one that has a touch of color or you risk it being boring. But really, isn’t a vibrant color that looks good with most of your clothes more fun?


#2 A Sexy Clutch

Nude Clutch

Whether you frequently paint the town red or not, you need at least one go-to, dressy clutch at your disposal. Why? Because there’s nothing sadder than seeing a perfectly fabulous outfit ruined by a bulky, overly casual purse. It’s surprising how much the wrong purse can quickly distract and detract from a cute, dressy look.

If you want to get one that you can use for a variety of occasions ranging from a wedding to a night out on the town, I’d suggest going for a neutral color like black or tan. But if you want to be a little less safe, opt instead for a neutral metallic – it will still look great with many different looks, but is significantly more sophisticated than a plain, matte black.


#3 A Chic Work Bag

Hermes Brown Leather Bag

Getting the right work bag can be a bit tricky because it’s got to strike the right note between professional and fashionable. You want it to look polished in the office, but stylish at the after-work happy hour bar too. Your personal style should be your guiding force, but there are a few features that everyone should look for in a work bag:

  • Structure – Go for something that’s stiffer than what you might use on the weekend so that it better protects electronics and stands up over time.
  • Leather – Genuine leather will always be the best material for a professional look. Yes, it costs more and yes, it’s worth it.
  • Organization – Choose a bag that has several different sections and pockets so that everything has its place and you’re never digging for 5 minutes to find a pen.
  • Color – You’ll always be safe with a neutral but the more sophisticated choice is a rich color that you love. Deeper shades like oxblood or olive are still professional and offer a bit more interest.

#4 A Cross-Body Classic

Fringe Cross Body Bag

For events that require you to move around a lot or hold things in your hands, you’ll absolutely need a good cross-body purse. When you’re busting moves at a concert or holding a plate and a drink at a barbecue, you won’t want to be worrying about your purse slipping off of your shoulder. This style is also great for urban vacations that entail lots of walking, shopping and moving through crowds. It ought to be large enough to hold the essentials but not so large that it weighs you down.


#5 A Solid Weekender

Brown Weekender Bag

If you’re anything like me, you tend to over pack when it’s time for a trip. But let’s face it, there’s simply no excuse for bringing a big suitcase along on a one or two night getaway. For these occasions you need a reasonably sized weekend bag that can fit mini versions of essential toiletries and a couple changes of clothes.

As far as size goes, it should be big enough to comfortably fit what’s necessary but small enough that you’ll be forced to pack light. Weekend bags come in a wide range of styles and textiles, so choose one that fits your travel style. If you tend to spend weekends in 5-star hotels, you might want something in leather. But if your average mini trip involves a cabin in the woods, a canvas version might be more appropriate.

Canvas Weekender Bag

Now, if you’re obsessed with clutches, no one’s saying you can’t have 20 clutches. We certainly won’t begrudge your clutch addiction…just as long as you also have your other bag bases covered.

You’ll see tangible results that will convince you that the clothes really do make the woman!

Comment bellow and tell us which are your must-haves in terms of bags!


Author Bio:Nicole Betti

Nicole Betti is a frequent contributor to style and fashion publications.  And as the owner of Gold Coast Couture, a company that specializes in designer hats, fascinators and clutch purses, Nicole’s real passion is accessories.  She loves sharing tips and tricks that help women look and feel their best.  To see some of her fabulous hats and more, check out Gold Coast Couture & connect on Google+. 

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