The Secret to Elegant Winter Wonderland Decor

//The Secret to Elegant Winter Wonderland Decor
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As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about decorating.

While most focus on Christmastime, the winter season extends into January in many parts of the country. If Santa Claus and candy canes are your preferred theme, go ahead and deck your halls with Christmas whimsy.

If you’re thinking of a more rustic approach, winter wonderland decor may be the perfect blend of seasonal and whimsical.

The muted colors of winter set against a white blanket of frost and snow is the inspiration for winter wonderland decor.

From bare branches and evergreens to cardinals and snowflakes, you have many winter decorating options. Read on to see how easy it is to create your own winter wonderland inside your home.

Begin at Your Front Door

Set the warmest winter welcome for guests by decorating your front door and porch.

An evergreen wreath on the door is simple and inviting. Ready-made wreaths are available in most home goods and art supply stores. If you’re the crafty type, you can add pine scent or a layer of white “snow” to enhance the effect.

Baskets filled with winter items add a touch of class to your doorstep. Fill the baskets with anything from firewood to snow-dusted pine cones. You could even get creative with items like ice skates or mittens.

If you have a bench on the porch, add blankets, pillows, and lanterns for a shelter-from-the-storm effect.

Add Winter and Warmth Inside

Keep the whimsy going as guests step through your front door. Some of the easiest places to decorate are the fireplace, dining room table, and bathroom.

A fireplace is a winter mainstay, both practical and beautiful. Adding touches of winter to a crackling fire will turn your living room into a winter wonderland.

Keep it simple by adding frosted evergreen or miniature pine trees to the mantle. Pile up kindling around the hearth. Extend the firelight with candles in clear votives.

For a touch of color, choose a winter blue or cardinal red. The focus is a single color set against the white and muted tones of nature in winter.

Winter Wonderland Decor for Your Dining Room

The dining room is a natural place for elegance by candlelight. Decorating for winter gives you a reason to add more silver and sparkle to your table settings.

Small touches make up winter wonderland decor. Add silver bows with a sprig of frosted berries and greenery to the back of each dining chair for a festive look.

For your table, a white damask tablecloth becomes an elegant white landscape for your dining table decor. For a centerpiece, arrange miniature frosted or silver evergreens and candles down the center of your table. White china on silver placemats completes this gorgeous look.

Continue your theme in your china cabinet and buffet. Add more silver and frosted evergreen peeking out from behind the glass doors. Nest berries and snowflakes in your wine glasses.

Another do-it-yourself trick is to take reindeer or snowmen figurines and spray-paint them white or silver. If there’s not enough color for your style, pick any bright color you like and add ribbons or tinsel to your figurines.

Warm and Cozy Bathroom

Guests inevitably end up in the bathroom, so keep the frosty fun going in your guest bathroom.

Where else would you find ice skates and mitten hanging to dry alongside the hand towels? Swap out your regular rugs and linens for white with a winter-themed trim like snowflakes.

Mirrors are perfect spots to tastefully affix snowy window clings. Candles offer a warm glow to smaller rooms like bathrooms. Add more votives filled with pine cones, berries, or whatever else you’d like to accent the wintery theme.

Don’t forget the shower curtain, either. You may not want the expense or hassle of a seasonally themed curtain. Buy an inexpensive white or accent color that matches your other decor, then add a coordinating garland across the top.

Snowflakes are also fun for the bathroom. Hang them from the ceiling or affix them to mirrors or other glass panels.

The same ribbon you used for the dining room chairs can also be made into bows to adorn the bathroom cabinet knobs.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Why spend all your time and effort only for your guests? Enjoy a winter wonderland in your private space, too.

Adding whites and knits to your bedroom is practical as well as inviting. Layer your bed with a thick comforter and add festive throw pillows and fuzzy rugs.

Save some of those candles for the bedroom too, along with other decorations. Add the same frosted decorations to your dressers and nightstands.

This brings the wintery beauty of your living room and dining room into your bedroom.

A Word About Twinkle Lights

Delicate white lights can add to the charm of winter wonderland decor. They’re available in plain as well as snowflake patterns. If you like the natural look, candlelight may be best.

A minimal amount of strategically placed twinkle lights can add a touch of class and a winter glow to any room in the home.

If you’re thinking of adding more electrical lighting to your home anyway, you should choose one that complements any theme. Home decor companies like Vertigo Interiors have many lovely lighting options, including crystal.

Welcome the Holiday Season with Style

These ideas should inspire you to create your own winter wonderland decor in your home.

What if you live in a warmer region? You can always customize these ideas to fit your locale. There’s nothing wrong with decorating a palm tree if you spend the winter season in Florida!

Would you like more inspiration? Please visit our website for more creative ideas for your home and lifestyle.

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