Save the Date Etiquette: Tips for Writing and Sending Them Out

//Save the Date Etiquette: Tips for Writing and Sending Them Out
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Have you found the love of your life? Are you ready to tie the knot? Did you know that 2.3 million American couples get married every year? 

Today, “save the dates” cards have become popular among engaged couples. Are you thinking about sending these cards? Keep reading to learn about the proper etiquette when preparing your guest list and who should receive cards.

Current “Save the Dates” Trend

One of the newer wedding trends is to send “save the date” cards before wedding invitations. This allows people to put your wedding on their calendar. By having advanced notice, guests can plan other activities around your special day.

Understanding Proper Etiquette

Adherence to social etiquette is more important to some individuals than to others. You may be somewhere in the middle. Here are some standard guidelines to follow.

When Should You Send These Cards?

You can send these cards between six to ten months before your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to send them a year in advance. This provides time for your guests to make plans.

Which Guest Should Receive a Card?

Send a save the date card to anyone you want to attend your wedding. Don’t send cards to people you aren’t sure about inviting. Failing to later send a wedding invitation would constitute an etiquette faux pas.

What Information Should Be on the Card?

Start with the future Bride and Groom’s names. Then provide pertinent information about the event including the date, time, and location.

Providing local hotel information is helpful for out-of-town guests. You can also include the URL for your wedding website.

Let the guest know that they’ll be receiving an invitation with more details. You can also assure them that they don’t need to send a reply. It’s nice to add a note about formal vs. informal attire and attendance of children.

Envelope Addressing Etiquette

You may choose a formal or informal style when addressing the save the date envelopes. This may vary depending on your relationship with the guest.

If in doubt, show respect with a more formal style. For example, “Dr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Ms. Post and Guest”.

The long-standing authority on etiquette is Emily Post. Following her rules ensures that addresses for both save the date cards and invitations are correct.

Print vs. Electronic Save the Date Notices

The more accepted method for a save the date notice is to send printed cards. This involves increased cost and time for printing, addressing, and stamps. Some people do not use email, so you need to send them a printed card.

Many people are now choosing to send information electronically. Be sure to have the correct email addresses. You don’t want an email to get lost if the address is incorrect or has changed.

How Can You Make These Cards?

Adobe Spark’s save the date cards provides an online solution. You can use templates to make professional looking cards with your own personalization.

This product guides you through the process. It’s fun and easy to use. Just click, select your choices, enter your information and you’re finished.

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Are you planning a wedding? This “save the dates” article provides tips about wedding etiquette when planning your big day. We want to make this special event and other aspects of your life amazing.

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