Run the World from Your Smartphone: The 15 Best Apps for Teen Girls

//Run the World from Your Smartphone: The 15 Best Apps for Teen Girls
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Wondering what your teen daughter can do with her phone besides texting?

According to a recent study, teens are spending about 9 hours per day on their phones.

Put those smartphones to use by expanding their app search. They can make their studying more productive, learn new languages and even meditate, all with the click of a button.

So why wait?

Read on for the 15 best apps for girls. 


This app is great for the teen who wants to work on the language they’re already studying in school. She can brush up or get ahead in class with practice-lessons that are user-friendly and fun. 

Teens can also learn conversational language skills in an entirely new language that maybe they don’t have the opportunity to take in the classroom. It’s also perfect if your teen plans to study abroad or go on a family vacation where another language will be spoken. 

Exercises are presented in a game-like style so you complete levels and move ahead with every correct answer given. 


This is a period tracker which is helpful for young women who are still learning how to manage their period. It alerts them as to when they can expect to get it and allows them to track their symptoms like cramps, headache, back pain, and more. 

This app works like a forum where girls can share information anonymously and read information others have shared as well. They can also read topic related articles to learn more.


If your teen has an interest in writing or reading, this is a fun app. A hub for stories, Wattpad allows users to read stories of all kinds and even publish their own. 

The stories can be personal, non-fiction or totally made-up. When you publish a story, other users can comment and like so you can get real-time feedback as if you’ve just published your work online. 

Tik Tok 

For those teens who have the performance bug, this app allows them to make their own video over well-known songs or TV and film dialogue and upload their video to share with other users. 

Much like other social media platforms, this app allows you to gain followers and follow other users so you can always stay in the know when it comes to Tik Tok fun. 


This one is perfect for the teen who loves to stay organized or the teen who needs to stay organized. Think of this app as a digital to-do list. 

You can track homework, assignments, shopping or other personal items on here and have the satisfaction of crossing each item off the list and seeing it disappear once complete. 

You can also share lists with other users like those working on a group project for school, so everyone can see what’s left to do.

Study Booster

Sometimes it helps to have a little background noise when hitting the books. The problem is, music can sometimes be distracting and keep people from focusing without even realizing it. 

Study Booster has calming sounds like water, nature, raindrops and more that are proven to increase focus and boost cognition. 

Red Eye

Many smartphones now come with this safety app already installed but if it’s not there, download it now. 

Import the contacts you’d like to notify if you’re in danger and it will alert them right away. It knows your location and you can even signal the emergency button by pressing the home button several times. 

My Creative Diary

Love to journal or keep a diary but not sure where to start? My Creative Diary gives you prompts so you never get writers’ block. 

The app appears as a calendar so you can look back on past dates and revisit your memories or even edit entries after the fact. You can store anything from new ideas to information about your day or reminders for the future.


Think of this as your digital math tutor. Whether you struggle with the subject and need some help with homework assignments or just want to double check your work before you turn it in, Mathaway can help. 

Post the math problem into the app and have it solved in the blink of an eye. You’ll also receive the work necessary to get to that answer so you can learn the steps along the way.

7 Minute Workout

If your teen isn’t on a sports team, she may find trouble making time in the day for exercise. 

Take a study break and get your endorphins flowing with these quick, guided workouts. The app tells you what to do; for example, 25 pushups and 50 situps. 

It always helps to have a personal trainer and this is the closest thing you can get to one for free! 


Whether your teen is planning to redecorate her room or just loves crafts, fashion and more, Pinterest is the one-stop-app. 

She can browse anything and everything from style to art to fashion and interior design. This is a great place to get inspired and keep track of the things they love.


Whatever your teen is interested in, there’s a Tumblr page for it. A version of a blog, Tumblr pages are where people go to express themselves and seek inspiration. 

Your teen can research anything from recipes to how to create an app

She can even start her own page if she’s interested in a specific topic or just follow others who she finds inspiring. Just select a hashtag that sparks your interest and search away.


A little mindfulness never hurt anyone. Make it simple, quick and fun with the Headspace App. Guided meditations in any category are available at any time. 

You don’t need to have a huge chunk of time available either. Some meditations are as short as 60 seconds. They’re a great way to take a break from the day and recenter. 


For all the procrastinators out there, this app will help you to spend a specific amount of time focusing on a specific task. 

You can get homework and projects done faster with this approach and listen to calming sounds of nature or the ocean while the app is running your time.

Key Ring 

If your teen isn’t much for carrying a wallet around but needs to keep track of debit or library cards, download Key Ring. 

This digital wallet stores everything so you don’t have to lug it around with you. Simply scan the barcode to have the card stored in the app. It also helps you find discounts at places you shop. 

Download the Best Apps for Girls! 

With this list of the best apps for girls, your teen can start using her phone for more than just texting and scrolling through social media.

Between learning, laughing and staying organized, there are so many ways to get the most out of her smartphone. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more lifestyle tips today! 

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