The Most Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

//The Most Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary
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A year has passed since the unforgettable day of your wedding.

It’s time to celebrate!

Couples everywhere mark their wedding anniversary with a gift or activity. But how can you pick the right way to show your loved one how much they mean to you?

Read on for ideas for activities and gifts to celebrate this special milestone.

The First Wedding Anniversary: Activities

The big day calls for big activity gift ideas. Our favorites include:

Cake Leftovers

It’s tradition to keep the top layer of the wedding cake for the first anniversary. Hopefully, it’s held up well (and is still tasty.) Either way, sharing it together will make for a fun experience.


Head on over to Vegas and relive that special moment with a vow renewal. The relaxed environment will let the two of you announce what you were too nervous to say on that big day.

Bed & Breakfast

Find a cozy B&B and take the day to completely disconnect from work and other troubles. B&Bs are a unique departure from the common, corporate-feel of major hotel chains.


A relaxing day with your loved one will have you two feeling fresh. It’s a cool anniversary idea that isn’t too expensive. Plus, it lets you spend hours bonding and feeling like royalty.


A professional set of photos capturing this moment in time will become a constant reminder of the good times.

Want to go big with the anniversary activity? Take a trip.

Travel is one of the most rewarding activities in life so what better way to explore the world than with the person you love the most?

The First Wedding Anniversary: Gifts

The first anniversary is married with tradition:


These flowers are associated with the first anniversary, and convey passion and love.


Paper as a gift dates back to the 1800’s. Write a love note, or make paper jewelry. You could even set up a romantic scavenger hunt, taking your love through all your favorite places as a couple.


The modern rendition of paper is a clock. This symbolizes endless love. A watch is another take on this gift idea.


Compile the best moments from the first year into a nice scrapbook. Alternatively, go digital with a service that’ll form these pictures and videos into a fun home movie or book.

Wine & Spirits

A nice bottle of wine or bourbon will set the tone for a romantic night in.

Can’t decide what to get or want to break tradition? Consider something like a subscription box, which is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Each month, something will arrive in the mail for your loved one.

Bonus for choosing gifts you’ll both love!

Keeping the Romance Alive

The first year of marriage passes in a flash. Can the two of you keep it up?

A strong marriage is possible through continual admiration. It’s what keeps the thrill and spark alive. Remember to:

  • Communicate the good and bad
  • Show your appreciation
  • Reinforce the bond through kindness
  • Take time for fun activities
  • Find balance in life and as a partner

The first anniversary is revealing. It will help you understand how marriage works, and encourage you to set goals together.

Spend this time appreciating each other to grow your love. Reinforce those feelings with a gift or fun activity to create new, romantic memories.

Share your experience: What did you do (or gift) on your first wedding anniversary?

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