Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Razor?: How to Tell if Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

//Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Razor?: How to Tell if Laser Hair Removal is Right for You
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If you’re ready to cut ties with your razor, laser hair removal just might be the solution.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need about in order to figure out if this solution is ideal for you. So, follow along and we’ll help you out!

Laser Hair Removal Facts You Need to Know

In theory, laser hair removal sounds like the perfect beauty treatment for anyone who wants certain parts of their body to be hairless. But you may still have some questions about the procedure like “Does it hurt?” or “How long does it take?”

You find easy answers to all your burning questions in this section:

1. Will All the Hair be Gone in One Treatment?

Once you’ve had your first laser hair removal appointment, you will start to see a difference in two or three weeks. But for 100% baldness in the treated area, you may have to go between 8 and 12 times.

In order for it to be as effective as possible, make sure you are very regular with your appointments. Since each hair pretty much grows at a different rate, you want to make sure each one has a chance to be treated.

The timing can vary, but going every four weeks is pretty good.

2. What Activities Should I Avoid Afterward?

When you go the laser hair removal route, your skin can trap the heat from the procedure for about 24 hours or so. During this period, you should avoid doing things that increase your body’s natural temperature.

So, the activities you should avoid are:

  • Working out
  • Sitting in a sauna
  • Spending time in a hot tub
  • Taking a hot shower

If you expose yourself to these or other heat sources within 24 hours of your appointment, you are creating an environment in which bacteria will thrive. As they multiply, you will end up with ugly spots on the area that was treated.

3. How Long Will My Sessions Take?

A single laser hair removal session doesn’t take as long as you’d probably think. But it really depends on the size of the body part(s) you’re having hair removed from.

Let’s say, you’re having your upper lip done. That will take about 5 minutes.

If you’re having both full legs done, it may take up to an hour. You can learn more about specific timeframes during a one on one consultation.

4. Is it Possible that Laser Hair Removal Won’t Work for Me?

Yup! Although it isn’t very common, it is possible for this procedure to stimulate hair growth in some people.

Also, different hair types will get different results. The best candidates for laser hair removal are people who have thicker hair that is darker than their skin.

On the other hand, if you’re blond and tan, for example, the procedure may not work as well for you. People with other light pigments like gray or white hair can have difficulty too.

Laser hair removal is safe for most people, except the small amount who are allergic to light.

5. Does it Hurt?

If you have this procedure done in more than one area of your body, you’ll notice that there is a bit more pain in the spots where the hair is thinnest. The procedure isn’t painful, but it also isn’t painless.

People describe it as a quick, yet sharp pain.

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