Picking Petals: What Are the Best All Occasion Flowers?

//Picking Petals: What Are the Best All Occasion Flowers?
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Are you confused about what flowers to give on different occasions? You’re not alone on this one.

The floral industry boasts one of the most significant global revenues, raking in $34.3 billion in sales annually. Despite that, many are still in search for the right arrangement to give during those special moments.

Finding all occasion flowers takes some effort. Birthdays to marriage, sickness to funerals all require careful thought.

A single stemmed rose tends to work most of the time. A gorgeous bouquet is a classic as well.

Planning to go with a traditional florist? Want to go the DIY route and do the arrangements yourself? Whatever you decide, time and effort is an essential aspect of choosing the right flowers for all occasion.

Need more help? Here’s a detailed guide on which flowers you would want to prepare for every special event of your life.

Birthday Flowers

Life begins at birth, so we’ll start with birthday flowers. Birthday occasion flowers are best if they’re the celebrant’s favorite. This goes beyond letting them know you’re thinking of them.

Be thoughtful about the design. You want to express the personality of the receiver through the arrangement.

If the person is quirky, go adventurous! If the person is well-organized and controlled, choose elegant yet straightforward styles.

Unsure what the celebrant wants? Go for bright, cheery and colorful flowers. We’re trying to celebrate a birthday, so we want flowers that express happy feelings.

Traditional flowers for this occasion include roses and orchids. Some people also like a simple bouquet of daisies for good measure.

Christmas Floral Decor

Christmas and winter holidays are all about the lively spirit of the season. When picking a special occasion flower for Christmas, here are a few options for you.

Poinsettia and mistletoe are all-time classics. They’re perfect for people who have families and loved ones.

Looking for a Christmas arrangement for your romantic partner? Christmas roses and ivy are great for romantic atmospheres.

Here’s a Christmas flower tip: play on the holiday colors so you can’t go wrong. Whites, reds, and greens look stunning on the mute winter snow. Don’t forget about adding your personal touch!

Having a tropical Christmas around Miami? You can choose from a wide variety of non-traditional flower arrangements.

Valentine’s Day Flowers and Romantic Occasions

Valentine’s Day is all about the love and intense romantic passion. Crimson roses are timeless flowers for occasions like this! Play the reds, whites, yellows and other intense colors together, so you get a nice contrast.

Is your significant other not giddy about roses? You still have a few more options to choose as romantic occasion flowers.

Tulips are sleek and classy, while Hibiscus blossoms are delicate and more innocent. Carnations are also a good choice for something simple. Add them to these Valentines Day gift ideas and you’re all set!

Make every day romantic! Take Valentines Day flowers and use them for gifts during dates. Not only are they romantic, but they’re cheaper in the off-season – saving you a lot of money.

Do the same for anniversaries as well. Give the flowers in single long-stemmed, three long-stemmed bunch, or bouquets. Arrange it with secondary and filler flowers to make the colors stand out.

Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

During Mother’s Day, there’s no way you can go wrong here. While your mom won’t say a thing about any kind of flowers you give her, put a lot of thought into it.

Carnations are the top choices for this day. They’re delicate, dainty and innocent, showing your admiration for your mom.

Gerberas are another option. They tend to look cheery and fluffy, which go great in an arrangement with other filler flowers. Calla lilies are large and artistic, showing blooms that look elegant.

As for color, it’s best to choose flowers that are in your mother’s favorite color. For those who need a color idea, go for pinks, whites, and yellows.

Purple is elegant as well, but choose lighter shades! Deep purple hues tend to look wistful and sad.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are easy to get wrong. But, there is an easy way to sort it out: match the special occasion flower to the theme.

If you’re unsure, match the flowers to the theme color. You can match it to the bridesmaids’ dresses as well.

Color-coordinated flowers in troves tend to have a multiplying effect. They can help create a scenic view for the wedding venue.

Keep the colors to one to two to make the place uniform and simple.

Don’t like thematic single color arrangements? Opt for seasonal styles for your wedding!

Spring season would have soft, delicate flower arrangements to show a graceful bearing. Fall flowers for occasions such as weddings would have deeper, more vibrant colors.

Not only will seasonal flowers look good, but they’ll also smell wonderful!

Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Funeral flowers tend to be in large, formal arrangements. Making sure the flowers are elegant yet simple is the key.

Lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, Forget-me-nots, and scorpion grasses are good-looking, elegant, and muted.

Choose light colors like whites, yellows, deep purple, and blues rather than reds and pinks. Passionate and vibrant colors are better put off for celebrations rather than funerals.

Sympathy flowers tend to follow a similar trend as well. Arrange them in baskets and small bouquets rather than big arrangements.

Picking All Occasion Flowers Should Not Be Hard

Choosing flowers for the special things in your life shouldn’t be a headache. Pick the flowers that you think matches the occasion. If you’re unsure, check with your local florists for recommendations.

Finding the right all occasion flowers is a matter of trying to be sensitive towards the other party.

Does it match their personality? Does it show that you care for them? Does it show your character as well?

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