When it comes to summer, lips are everything. Whilst dark colours excel in the winter months, summer is your real chance to experiment with beautiful brights and a touch of vibrancy. Year after year, the perfect lipstick shades are either newly released, making a comeback or tweaked a little, providing you with more opportunity and options than ever before.

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to talk the hottest and perfect lipstick colours of this season. Now, by all means, this is just a guideline but with endless makeup artists such as Charlotte Tilbury and Dior releasing further gorgeous creations, combined with products such as the Kylie Jenner lip kits, which they are just too gorgeous to ignore.

Take a look my top 7 choices of perfect lipstick colours for the summer season and find out which one is your favourite!

The Perfect Lipstick Shades To Wear In The Summer 

#1. The Nudes

So, there are many variations of ‘nude’. I know that may sound a little insane but when it comes to choosing the perfect nude, you will find the experience daunting if you aren’t prepared. Ask yourself these questions:

  • are you feeling pink tones?

  • would you wear a completely natural look?

  • or perhaps an understated nude?

Whatever your choice, the opportunities are endless. My current favourite is ‘Bitch Perfect’ by Charlotte Tilbury. Not only is the colour divine but the sassy names adds all the excitement you need to contemplate it as one of your all time favourites.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘K.I.S.S.I.N.G’ Lipstick

“The lipsticks are enriched with the antioxidant Lipstick Tree, a breakthrough, a secret ingredient that naturally protects lips from UV damage, leaving them cashmere soft and irresistible. The lipsticks are also blended with special waxes and clever light-diffusing pigments to bring you full-bodied, ultra-brilliant lips.”

Illamasqua Glamore Nude Lipstick

“The perfect nude lipstick is a makeup bag necessity. Glamour lipstick from Illamasqua is a colour intense nude lipstick with a long lasting satin finish. Ideal for a more hydrated comfort finish. Don’t cover your beauty – go nude and let it show. “

#2. The Sleek Pinks

Yves Saint Laurent excels when it comes to that divine shine. Their ‘Rouge Volute Shine’ provides you with not only  sleek colours but also a gorgeous glow that nourishes your lips and looks show-stopping whilst doing so.

This is a daytime favourite of mine for when I’m on vacay. Its understated presence says minimal effort required but its colour is too brilliant to possibly look away.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupté Shine’ Oil-in-Stick Lipstick

“Made with 65% oils, the deeply hydrating texture of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick instantly melts into your lips, providing a pop of colour, instant hydration, total luminosity and smoothness and all-day comfort, too. After four weeks of continued application, your lips look healthy and more nourished. It also features the addicting signature YSL mango scent for a fresh burst. Light coverage, high shine.”

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick

“For perfect colour, it first takes perfect lips. Rouge Dior lipstick by Dior has a voluptuous care formula, enriched with marine crista, which smoothes and reshapes the lips, maximising the expression of each nuance. The couture lip colour that is all it takes to change everything, to make you look stunning. Like a Dior bag, it leaves the mark of ultimate, timeless elegance and tops off the silhouette.”


#3. The Courageous Coral

Coral, another perfect lipstick shade, is exclusive to summer and, amazingly, many turn away because of the orange tinted lips which are forever considered outrageous. I promise you this is absurd.

Coral is equivalent to red during the summer months. It’s eccentric and bold but it pays off, you just need to dare yourself to embrace it. Summer frolicking is about having a little fun and doing things a little different.

Why don’t you start with your lip colour this summer? Try Laura Mercier Juicy Papaya.

Laura Mercier ‘Lip Parfait’ Creamy Colour Balm

“Lip Parfait by Laura Mercier is a thin, balmy formula that provides succulent colour with a wet shine and a medium, lustrous finish in one savoury stroke. The tempting treat transforms lips while providing the comfort of a balm and the shine of a gloss.”

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick

Clarins‘ Joli Rouge lipstick is a rich and creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish. Enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil, Joli Rouge intensely moisturises the lips for six hours and provides suppleness and comfort.”

#4. The Purple Pout

It is a well-known fact that denim and deep delicious lips go hand in hand. Purple is all the rage so when it comes to wearing your daisy dukes this summer. Give yourself that perfect purple pout. After all, attracting a little attention isn’t always a bad thing.

Why not try  Guerlain ‘La Petite Robe Noire’, in Lilac Belt.

Guerlain‘La Petite Robe Noire’ Lipstick

“Deliciously shiny and absolutely irresistible, Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick is a buildable, lightweight lipstick filled with ultra-luminous and ultra-shiny pigments. The full-comfort formula is available in a range of vibrant and twisted shades, and gives your lips a natural to sophisticated look, depending on how you build it. It’s also delicately scented with the brand’s fruity and floral La Petite Robe Noire fragrance.”

MAC Lipstick

#5. The Ravishing Red

We all know that the classic red lipstick is the perfect lipstick colour and here to stay. So, would we expect anything less during the upcoming summer months? Instead of going that bold, vibrant red that we see on a day to day basis, opt for a shade with a little luxury add to its colour.

Now I’m not talking about the darkest of them all, but something a little richer and a little sexier can completely transform your look. Just be careful to bring this out on occasion, you do not want to limit yourself to this one colour every single time.

Dior flourishes when it comes to such a shade. Try the Rouge Favori shade.

Dior ‘Rouge Dior’ Lipstick

“Every woman has her signature colour and Rouge Dior helps you find yours. Available in timeless, perfectly balanced shades, you’re sure to find the one that matches your attitude. Each lipstick features a voluptuous care formula enriched with marine crista, which smoothes and reshapes your lips, maximising the expression of each nuance while setting the tone for the rest of your beauty and style.”

 Smashbox ‘Be Legendary’ Cream Lipstick

Stopping for touch-ups in between takes is an onset headache. Our lipstick stays on and looks amazing, in the studio and in sunlight.” —Davis Factor, Smashbox founder and photographer.”

#6. The Feisty Fuchsia

We, now, arrive at my favourite shade of them all. There is just something about fuchsia lips in the summer that thrills me. Perhaps because it goes with just about every colour? Yes, we are even talking colour clashing red. Maybe because it’s beautifully bright so all eyes are on you? It’s time to slay, girl. Or, maybe you get a little excited at the prospect of choosing something different than red? Take seductive and sophisticated to flirtatious and fabulous.

Fuchsia never goes off trend when it comes to the summer months and in all, honesty, I would argue this is one shade that I overuse, but if it works so well why change it? Surprisingly, my favourite fuchsia shades deviate from the high-end beauty brands and bring us back down to reality with our drugstore favourites. Between Rimmel, Kate Moss Number 20 and Mac’s Show Orchid we are set.

M·A·C Lipstick

“Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips, M·A·C Lipstick is available in hundreds of hues and high-fashion textures. It’s the iconic product that made M·A·C famous.”

Lipstick Queen ‘Silver Screen’ Lipstick

“Silver Screen Lipstick by Lipstick Queen is an intensely rich but wet formula inspired by the ladies of the silver screen. The dazzling and revolutionary new lipstick formulation is vibrant and ultra-moisturizing and feels like silk on your lips yet packs a full pigment-punch. The sumptuous, mouthwatering texture is achieved with a high percentage of a ground-breaking new active ingredient—pomegranate sterols. In addition to the new ingredient, the lipstick also features a blend of antioxidant vitamins E and A so the formula ensures your lips stay soft and hydrated all day long. It’s even naturally scented with the highest quality peppermint oil.”


#7. Daring Delights

When it comes to wearing anything besides your classic pinks, reds and nudes on yours lips, things get a little complicated and daunting. While bright blues, greens and everything in between are certainly not for the faint-hearted, they will for sure make people take a second look.

If you can pull them off why wouldn’t you wear them? Lipstick Queen has brought out their very own versions of this colour palette. In the past, we have seen the likes of Illamasqua and Dolce and Gabbana experiment with shades as such. They worked so well that we are now finding them in our drugstore favourites.

Lipstick Queen ‘Hello Sailor’ Lipstick

“Lipstick Queen stays ahead of the blackberry lip trend with its Hello Sailor lipstick, a nautical, super-sheer lipstick that tints your pout in a cool berry tone with a hint of sapphire. Wear it alone as a nourishing lip stain or layer it for a more defined look.”

Lipstick Queen ‘Bete Noire’ Lipstick

“Embrace this season’s glamorous dark lip with Bête Noire Lipstick by Lipstick Queen, a super-flattering blackberry shade in a range of chic, flattering and seductive formulations. Enhanced with moisture-rich oils and waxes, each hue keeps your pout looking gorgeous and full of colour.”

A lipstick says a lot about a person, so make sure your lips do the talking without you having to say a word. These products can ultimately change the entire look of an outfit, so, as always, it’s important to experiment with the perfect lipstick shades and make the most of summer’s hottest trends which are no longer primarily found on our favourite runways.

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