Ohsawa Detox Diet -Day 10

//Ohsawa Detox Diet -Day 10

Final Day – Day 10

What did i eat:

I want to start by saying that i cannot believe that i got to the final day of Ohsawa Detox Diet, it is purely unbelievable that i made it and i feel extremely proud.

This detox was not my first one, i have done others too, my last one was the Alpha Reset, a juicing detox. Anyways, since i have learned a bit about detoxing, i will advise you not to end this detox and start eating normally without a buffer day in between. Why? Because your body has been under tremendous change in the past days and if you come back to the old you, everything inside you will go crazy. So, in my case i knew i could not have day 11 as a buffer, because i had an exam, i was travelling, i was seeing my family for the first time in 2014 (and they prepared some delicious meals for me) etc, so i decided to make day 10 as my buffer. How? Read next…


Since i woke up pretty late, i decided to have 2 egg whites, grilled in a pan, with salt only. It was the best thing  have ever had!!! Also, i ate one medium boiled potato with salt, another amazing thing. I know for a fact, that every detox should end with one or 2 days buffer, in the first day you should have for breakfast egg whites and continue the detox as normal throughout the day. The next day, you should keep the same for breakfast and add an easy dinner, like boiled veggies and white meat-if necessary! So, since i had only one day, this was what i decided to eat.


Boiled rice with salt, as usual. But i was dreaming about egg whites and potatoes.

How did i feel:

I woke up late, but full of energy, i turned the volume up and started to dance and just felt amazing! I took out all my favorite clothes that had not fit me in months and tried them on…and…SURPRISE…they fit me now!!! So, i continued to dance and just felt amazing!

Being able to finish this incredible but hard detox, made me realize how strong i am and i gain more confidence in myself and definitely improved my self imagine.


I was so curious to see how many kg i have lost in 10 days and when i saw the result…well, i  was speechless! I also took some measurements of my body before and after, and here it is:




Weight: 56.8 kg (125.22 pounds)

Knees: 41 cm

Thighs: 57 cm

Midway: 84cm

Waist: 66 cm

Around my bottom area: 100 cm


Weight: 52.8 kg (116.4 pounds)  lost 4 kg (8.81 pounds)

Knees: 41 cm (nothing changed)

Thighs: 53 cm (lost 4 cm)

Midway: 80 cm (lost 4cm)

Waist: 65 cm (lost 1 cm)

Around my bottom area: 98 cm (lost 2 cm)

My boyfriend also lost around 3 kg during these days, so as a conclusion i will state: If you go though this detox, you will lose some kg, but it is not an easy ride and most important, after finishing it, do not rush into the same unhealthy habits because you will gain it back and even more.

Also, another important thing that changed my life after this detox, was learning to chew food. Now, i am doing it involuntary and i cannot swallow until the food i eat is liquid, which i never did before, i was always rushing to eat as much as i could.

Good luck with it and i am always here to help!

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