Not Just a Man’s Problem: 4 Facts About Hair Regrowth for Women

//Not Just a Man’s Problem: 4 Facts About Hair Regrowth for Women
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Women make up about 40% of the people who suffer from moderate to severe hair loss.

Though this is certainly a statistic that surprises many, it also helps those suffering from female hair loss know they’re not alone.

If you’re currently struggling with sudden hair loss or even female pattern baldness, we know you want to learn what you can do to regrow your hair and preserve the strands you have left.

After all, hair loss among women takes an emotional toll on you, too.

Read on to learn about your options when it comes to hair regrowth for women.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

Especially if the hair loss seems to be getting worse and has been going on for a while, the first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor.

Age isn’t the only cause of female hair loss.

You may be suffering from serious disorders like Addison’s disease, hypo/hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, lupus, or celiac disease.

2. Anxiety Is a Common Culprit

Sometimes, extreme and sudden emotional stress (think an unexpected death, a job loss, a divorce, or even a move) can lead to hair loss.

Usually, you’ll start to lose your hair roughly three months after that stressful event — so think back to your past when you notice things changing.

The good news is that this often reverses on its own.

In the meantime, try yoga, meditation, and even speak to a therapist to help you lower your stress levels.

3. Your Diet Could Lead to Hair Loss

If you don’t get enough protein or if you suddenly try out a dangerous crash diet, you can certainly expect to see hair loss (the same goes for those struggling with an eating disorder.)

You may also lose hair because you’re not getting enough vitamin B or iron.

Take vitamin B, biotin, and iron supplements. Also, make sure you add plenty of red meat to your diet to see hair regrowth.

4. Consider Hair Transplant Surgery

While wigs and extensions are always an option, especially for those suffering from female pattern baldness, hair transplants are a more effective and permanent tactic regarding hair regrowth for women.

These reliable experts use hair follicles from your own scalp and then transplanted to areas in need of coverage. This makes things look much more natural and allows you to care for the transplanted hair as you would your normal hair.

You Have Great Options Regarding Hair Regrowth for Women

While we know dealing with female hair loss is frustrating, we hope this post has helped you to learn there are lots of options when it comes to hair regrowth for women.

In the meantime, it’s all about doing everything you can to keep your confidence up.

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After all, true beauty comes from within.

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