My Dream Date On Valentine’s Day

//My Dream Date On Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know…it’s that time of the year that all single persons hate and most couples await. It’s the time of the year when little red hearts in all shapes are assaulting the streets, the shops and the restaurants. I can’t say I am a big fan of Valentine’s day, but I celebrate it every year. It’s not like I need an official day to celebrate love, but if we have one, why not?? Believe me, the ones that love and feel loved are celebrating it every day, with every occasion and not through gifts, but through shared feelings and emotions. We should see every day as “Valentine’s day” when we wake up near the one we love, when we have the opportunity to share our random happenings, smiles and sad moments. We should appreciate every fight, every laughter and every teasing that makes the connection between us special.



I received a challenge to design my V-day date, so I will tell you exactly how I see the perfect “every day is a V-day” for me!

It starts in the morning, when of course I am sleepy and I am wearing my messy-morning-hair. My boyfriend doesn’t care about that because he loves that kind of messy that represents me sometimes :). He won’t serve our breakfast in bed, but instead he invites me to cook it together. Because he knows how much I like to play with food, we will try something new, our own recipe. After breakfast, we go out and walk on the little streets of the city we just moved in. The beauty of Italian streets have something which keeps us wanting to see more, I can’t get enough of them and every time I am having a walk it seems I discover something new. A little coffee shop, having outside tables seems perfect for enjoying our morning coffee in a sunny day like this. A walk through the beautiful city makes our afternoon perfect. We stop near the sea. Even if it is not the perfect time of the year to enter into the sea, I take off my shoes. I cannot feel the cold water because he is there with me, holding my hand. We decide to take our lunch in a little chic restaurant which has the perfect view towards the whirling sea. It’s just perfect to eat something that you like, with your favorite person in the whole world while enjoying such a view! The dessert comes in the sweet taste of mascarpone and lime cake…it cannot be better than this! It turns out it can. Our evening finds us doing what we both love-watching movies in our cozy apartment. I cannot ask for more. If he is there, if we love each other and still write cute little post-its in the morning before going to work, if the food tastes better when we eat together and if I don’t feel the coldness of the sea water in February when he is holding my hand…this is the day I want to experience every day!



Well, eventhough we love experiences, gifts are always welcome. Especially for us, girls. The gifts doesn’t have to be expensive, they just have to have a special significance for us. They remind us of a moment, of a person, of a feeling. I was looking the other days through some sites that provide V-day gifts and I found RedEnvelope. Take a look, they have really nice ideas of presents of him, as well as for her!

I wish you all a great “every-day-is-Valentine’s-day” and I invite you to appreciate every moment spent with your loved ones!

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