Making Your Party Special: How to Choose the Best DJ for Your Celebration

//Making Your Party Special: How to Choose the Best DJ for Your Celebration
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Are you wondering how important it is to hire the right DJ for your upcoming birthday party?

Well, your DJ can either make or break the atmosphere at your party. You want to find a DJ that understands you and the vibe you’re going for at a party. Everyone knows that music played at a party plays a huge role in if everyone has a good night or not.

When you hire a DJ they also help with the flow of your party and get things moving. Sometimes they even tend to be the face of the party so you can party the night away.

Keep reading for our guide on how to make your party special and hire a DJ for your celebration.

Experience And Pricing

The first thing that you will want to look at when it comes to hiring a DJ is how experienced they are and how much they’re charging. Hiring a DJ with low rates can be great when it comes to saving money in your budget, but if it’s their first gig, then they might not be the right DJ for you.

DJs who have been in the business for a while will have much more experience and knowledge about how to run a party. When you hire an experienced DJ you can put the party in their hands and enjoy your night. You should know that experienced DJs will generally cost you more money.

On the other hand, if you find the perfect DJ that you feel could really help to improve your party but they aren’t as experienced, then go for it! Everyone starts somewhere and just because they haven’t had a lot of jobs yet doesn’t mean they won’t be a great DJ.

Make Sure They Understand You

Another huge factor when it comes to hiring the right DJ is that you want to make sure they understand you and the vibe of your party. For example, if you and your guests are bilingual or some guests only speak one language, then you may want to scout out bilingual DJ services. This is a great way to make sure that your DJ will understand you as well as your guests at the party.

You will also want to be able to communicate with your DJ the type of party you want to have. Talk with them and see which genre of music is their specialty. Make sure that you both have an understanding of how you want the party to go.

As the party planner, there could be things that you want and don’t want at the party. For example, if the DJ you’re planning to hire specializes in country music but you don’t want country music at your party, then that might not be the right DJ for you.

Quality Of Equipment

When you hire a DJ, you’re hiring them for their talent as well as renting their equipment for the night. This means that you will want to make sure that their equipment will work for your venue.

You want to make sure that your DJ’s equipment will have a clear crisp sound and can be heard with lots of people in one room. If you’re going to have anyone speak, then having good sound equipment is a must. When the people at your party can’t hear the speakers they’ll get bored and tune them out or even carry on with different conversations.

Make sure you ask your DJ what kind of equipment they have as well as what venues have worked great for their equipment in the past. Compare this with your venue to see what will work for you.

Seek Out Recommendations

Besides just searching online for DJs you can also seek out recommendations from people that you trust. Hearing good things about a DJ is a great way to know if they will work for you and your party. You can ask friends, family members, or even your friends on Facebook for DJ recommendations.

Sometimes the venue that you’re hosting your party at will even have a DJ they can recommend. This is a great person to use because that DJ will typically know where to put their equipment and have previous knowledge of parties at that venue.

On the other hand, hiring a DJ that your venue recommends could be a hit or miss. They might have a contract set up with the venue or might not be work you’re looking for at all. Make sure you take the time to interview the DJ and see if they know where you’re coming from.

Read Online Reviews

Another important thing that you should do before you hire a DJ is to read online reviews about them and their work. The great thing about online reviews is that people are brutally honest meaning they won’t hold anything back.

This is where you will get to see how the DJ truly preformed at someone else’s event. You can see if they were good at controlling the crowd and getting the party started.

You might also find out if the DJ was professional or night from online reviews. Hiring a professional DJ who can still amp up the crowd is a must. After all, your DJ is sort of like a guest at your party and you wouldn’t want someone there who isn’t respectful and caring for all of your guests.

Dress The Part

When it comes to hiring your DJ you will also want to make sure that they can dress the part. If you’re having a formal party, then you don’t want your DJ showing up in shorts and a tank top.

Make sure you let them know the dress code before you hire them and see if they’re able to comply. If you’re having a 90s themed party, then your DJ should also want to come in costume so that they fit the part.

Hire a DJ For Your Celebration

When you need to hire a DJ there are many things that you should look at before you decide on the best one. After all, the DJ at your party can either make or break your party. You want to make sure your DJ gives you and your guests a night to remember.

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