Making Lifelong Treasures: 3 Gorgeous Wedding Picture Ideas You’ll Be Proud to Display

//Making Lifelong Treasures: 3 Gorgeous Wedding Picture Ideas You’ll Be Proud to Display
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He finally did it.

He asked you the most beautiful question a man can ever ask a woman:

“Will you be my wife?”

“Will you stand by my side forever?”

“Will you marry me?”

No matter how he asked you, you’ll remember it forever. Hopefully, your groom-to-be will have arranged for a photographer to capture that moment so you can cherish it exactly how it was.

In time, our memories fade and the details we remember begin to change. This is why having a good photographer is crucial for your big day.

Different photographers have different styles, so in order to find one that fits perfectly with your vision, you have to have an idea of what kind of wedding pictures you want.

To help you get started, we’ve come up with three different wedding picture ideas that you’re sure to love.

Read on to start planning your dream wedding photo album.

A Generational Photo

Having a photo of multiple generations together can help you put things into perspective.

This type of photo is usually captured with the bride’s side of the family, however, this is a pretty universal photograph style. For the bride, you would have her mother and grandmother together, and for the groom, you would have the father and grandfather.

If you’re lucky enough to have a living great-grandparent, add them in the picture as well.

A Couple Photo Ideas:


Have the bride’s mother and grandmother put their hands together with yours. Line each person’s hand up by age to emphasize each generation. Take a photo of everyone’s wedding rings. Be sure to clean them up really well beforehand so they are nice and shiny.


Since wedding ring shots are more traditional for the bride, (we will get to those shortly), you’ll want to do something a bit different for the goom’s side. Try lining each man up by age, starting with the oldest. Have the grandfather put his hand on the dad’s shoulder, and the dad’s hand on the groom’s shoulder. Don’t forget grandpa’s cane!

Pro tip: If someone in your family has passed away already, consider taking the photo with their ashes if you have them. You can place the urn on a decorative table with some flowers and perhaps a nameplate. This is a classy way to both honor them and let them attend your wedding.


Ring pictures are a must for any wedding photo album.

There are so many different types of ring pictures that you can take. You can do engagement only photos or wedding band only. You can wear the rings, or display them in different ways. It’s super easy to take wedding ring pictures.

A Couple Photo Ideas:

Wear the Rings:

If your nails are pretty and painted, why not keep the rings on? Put the bride and groom’s hands together in different ways, holding hands, touching palms, or even a pinkie promise. Focus the camera on both rings to get the best shot.

Solo Style:

Wedding rings are pretty enough to be the star of their own pictures. Display the rings together or separate. Try getting a shot of just the bride’s ring inside her bouquet or wedding flower.

You might even consider getting a shot of the rings together on the wedding cake before you cut into it.

Any Kind of Aerial View

Aerial views can be taken of virtually anything, and no matter what you choose it’ll still be awesome.

You don’t typically realize just how big something is until you’ve seen in from the top, like your wedding dress or guests. Having an aerial view of the crowd at your wedding can give you a chance to see just how many people attended. You’ll look back a think of all the people that came to support your new life.

A Couple Photo Ideas

Gathered Guests

Ask all of your guests to gather together in a parking lot or big area. You can arrange your guests in any shape you’d like, but we recommend having them stand together to form a heart around the bride and groom. This will represent all of the love everyone is showering the happy couple with.

Display the Dress

Have the bride sit down on the ground criss-cross style. Lay the dress out so it expands to it’s full length and surrounds the bride. She can be holding her bouquet or the groom can lay carefully on the front of her dress, facing the bride of course.

ProTip: Try using a small drone to capture aerial photos. This way you can adjust the height as much or as little as you want. Most drones already have cameras on them, but it’s easy to rubber band a camera to the bottom, just remember to set the timer!

Contact a local photographer to find out more ways to take an aerial shot.

Want More Wedding Picture Ideas?

Deciding on a wedding picture style is important, but finding a great location for your photoshoot is just as important. Check out these 7 incredible locations for your wedding photoshoot.

Above all, don’t forget what your wedding is about. Planning a wedding can be super stressful, so it’s important to know when to slow down and breathe. If you find yourself worrying too much about coming up with the best wedding picture ideas, take a break. Sit down with your fiance and remember what’s important.

Then, check out these 4 ways to sneak some needed relaxation time into your busy schedule.

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