Latest Trend In Terms Of Shoe Fashion: Block Heel Sandals

//Latest Trend In Terms Of Shoe Fashion: Block Heel Sandals

Don’t you wish for a pair of sandals that are the ultimate trend in fashion, but still be really comfortable?

I think we all do. What I suggest to you in this article is to focus your attention on the block heel sandals. If you haven’t heard about them before, I will briefly explain to you what are the features of these magnificent type of sandals and how they look like:


Topshop High Block Heel Sandals in a gorgeous pink and brown combination!

Find them here.


Karen Miller gladiator style Block Heel Sandals.

You can shop them here.

1. Their heel is square-shaped.

2. Are very comfortable!

3. Are available in three heels sizes, as any sandals: small, medium and high heels.

4.Your stability when you are wearing them isn’t at stake, as with the stiletto type, for example!

5. Block heel sandals represent the latest trend in terms of shoe fashion!

And now, let’s see exactly how many styles of Block Heel Sandals can you find in the shops and some trends in matching them. I have to admit that before I didn’t pay to much attention to this kind of sandals, but after I found so many cool models, I have to buy at least a pair!! I promise you, they are gorgeous!

#1 Small Block Heel Sandals in Beige and Brown


Look at this wonderful color combination and prints! Beside the color-block between orange and brown that I personally adore, the ones in crocodile print are just awesome! The small heel block sandals are the most comfortable, of course, and can be worn on a daily basis, being really easy to combine. These bright colors go perfectly with white/nude outfits, as well as with more colorful ones! Find the croco-print ones at Topshop!

Tip: Wear them with a maxi skirt and a nice shirt…you’ll make the best of you feet when the maxi skirt flawlessly moves!

#2 Small Block Heel Sandals in Black


My personal favorites are the ones on the right side, featuring a beautiful golden detail and animal print from Dorothy Perkins. In what concerns the Buckle Block, the multiple strap look gorgeous worn with short or short skirts, as to beautiful reveal the details.

Tip: In what concern the multi-strap block heel sandals, make sure that if you are short you avoid them! In this case you can choose animal print!

#3 Medium Size Printed Block Heel Sandals

estilo-tendances-medium-heels-blocksandals-2 Beside the fact that have the heel a little bit taller, the Middle Size Block Heel Sandals will still preserve the comfort of the Small Heel ones. If you want to really stand out, then you definitely have to go with the printed block heel sandals! These glamorous pairs aren’t meant to be put on in a common day, but at a special event or in the evening. You can shop them at Lipsy London (left side), while the  golden gorgeous pair is a LK Bennett design.

Tip: Whether you choose the ones in black, white and orange, either the ones in gold and turquoise, you should keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible. The sandals do the whole work!

#4 Medium Size Black Block Heel Sandals


Some of us cannot leave aside the black sandals. I admit I am and always will be a big fan of black. Some can see this as a lack of imagination, but I always link the color black with style. It is a color that you cannot fail wearing and accessorizing it! I love the Block Heel Sandals in the black-gold combo from Casadei and McQueen, as well as the ones in the classical black and white designed by French Connection.

Tip: If you don’t like color combination and want to keep it really simple, just accessorize your look with the gorgeous Marni Block Heel Sandals that seem really comfortable and chic!

#5 Medium Size Animal Print Block Heel Sandalsestilo-tendances-medium-heels-blocksandals

Animal print is a long lasting trend. You find it anywhere you look and if you really know how to combine it, it makes the best of any common outfit. As you can see, animal print goes perfectly with black, as in the case of the gorgeous Sole Society Block Heel Sandals, as well as with brown and beige colors. The right side sandals can be shopped at Lipsy London!

Tip: If you want some accessories matching perfectly the shoes, choose an animal print bracelets.

 #6 Medium Size Brown Block Heel Sandals


If brown is your favorite color, then these two pair are the ones for you! I personally like more the brown-blue combination, which looks really fashion-forward! The all-brown ones are a Julianne Hough design and can be found on Sole Society, The beautiful brown-blue Cut Out Block Sandals can be found on Malatan.

Tip: From my point of view these gorgeous brown sandals would go perfectly with bright colored outfits like nude, cream or ivory!

#7 High Block Heel Sandals


Now we’re talking about heights! Even though they have such a high heel, don’t let yourself fooled and just try one pair to see how enjoyable can be your evening wearing such a beautiful type of sandals! They can be found in monochrome, like the McQueen  ones, beautiful color-block like the ones from Topshop or in the black-gold classical and sophisticated combination which can be bought from Rainbowshop.

 My darlings, I hope I convinced you to at least try one pair of Block Heel Sandals, cause I surely will! Whether they are in small, medium or high heels these practical and fashionable accessories will brighten your summer outfits!

Which one is your favorite pair of Block Heel Sandals?

Comment below and let us know!


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