How To Wear High Heels – 12 Ways

//How To Wear High Heels – 12 Ways

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

Spring/Summer season is the time when every woman wears a little more high heels. Why? The weather conditions are better – no slippery roads since it is not snowing/raining. High heels are just perfect to wear with dresses, skirts and shorts, because the attention is now more focused on your legs! And of course, because they just do such a visual favor on your beautifully tanned legs with adding the length to them, make toes look shorter and feet smaller. High heels also improve the body posture and the muscle tone, which is really important when wearing dress or a skirt to a more smart casual/elegant event!

Spring/Summer 2014 takes wearing the high heels to another level. Prada combines sporty and glamorous with historical touch and block heel sandals simply take over from runways to the streets.


“High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.” Christopher Morley

High-heeled footwear (high heels or just heels) give an aesthetic illusion of longer and more slender legs. According to Jimmy Choo and Gucci, high heels start from 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters), but today even from 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters). High heels originate from the wooden-soled patten shoes that Medieval Europe was wearing. It is also being stated that the history of high heels trace back to the 9th century Persia where they were worn by horse riders and appeared in Europe in the 1600s.

“There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty, or shy with her shoes.” Christian Louboutin

As mentioned before, high heels originate from male horse riders from the 9th century AD. From the 18th century though, men mainly only wore low heels. Exceptions are cowboy boots and Cuban heel that were brought back to mens’ fashion in the 1970’s with The Beatles and are still in because of Prince and Elton John.

Women though can’t get enough of high-heeled shoes! And since fashion is quite often to be intentionally uncomfortable, then high heels are the statement elements of most of fashionable outfits. The more expensive, the better! Pair of stylish high-heeled shoes is a very few of those pieces in your wardrobe that you can not and will not regret buying!

Here is a list of 12 different styles of high heels and a guide of how to wear them.

1. Cone 

These cone heel open toe ankle boots are best option to pull off a smart casual wear outfit with both jeans or a simple cut dress.

Cone heel is a type of heel that broadened in the soul of the shoe and is pointed/narrowed to the ground. Cone heel shoes were mostly worn in the 1950’s to 1960’s when the mid-calf dresses and pencil skirts were worn to bring back the feminine look. Today cone heel is a perfect when trying to pull of a look that is smart casual, but has this feminine, vintage touch to it. Try ankle boots with jeans or a simple black oversized dress! Cone heel shoes should be worn with summer dresses with different prints and patterns.

Melissa, Karl Lagerfeld cone heel


These Karl Lagerfeld designed shoes are the daring option of wearing cone heel style shoes for a night out.

2. Kitten



Strap ankle kitten heels with neon color are the perfect pair of shoes to make your smart casual outfit stand out.

Kitten heel is small and very slim. It is one of the low heel shoe types that suit wearing with everyday simple outfits. Jeans with a simple shirt or top suits with any type of heels. With kitten heels this outfit just looks really good and is comfortable, but chic! Jumpsuits and midi skirts with prints and patterns is also a good choice with more modest kitten heels! Be careful and choose at least some elements that make your outfit more smart, you don’t want to wear any style of high heeled shoes too casual!

3. Prism

Miistra Tara prisma heel


Miistra Tara prism heels is the perfect pair of shoes to wear when wanting to add a modern touch to your outfit.

Prism heel is the type of heel that has three flat sides that meet on the ground pointed. Definitely a lot less feminine and more modern way of wearing heels. Don’t mix these shoes with girly summer dresses with lots of prints or lace, but with more basic colors and patterns. Oversized blazers and boyfriend jeans  are both a great option with prism heels!

4. Puppy

Marc Jacobs midi puppy heels with strong red colors and stripes.

Puppy heel is another type of heel that is around 2 inches (5 centimeters) high and has a square block shape. Usually they are tip-toe heels, which is why should be worn with skirts and dresses instead of trousers or jeans. As most of other types of heels it comes in high heel sandals, shoes and boots. The outfit depends truly on the style and the color of the shoes! But again since it is more casual type of heel, it should be worn with straight lines and not too skinny clothing.

Puppy heel in monochrome colors.

5. Spool/Louis/French

Louis heels 1920's style


Metallic Louis high heel.

French high heel type is with a shape that is narrower in the middle. The spool or Louis heel is more fitting with elegant events and when wanting to pull off a vintage look. Also suits really well for dancing!

Wedding shoes with Louis style heels and beautiful print.

6. Stiletto

Stiletto heel is a tall and slim heel that is normally on platform shoe. Be very careful when looking for an elegant and strong look – stiletto heel adds sex appeal touch to your outfit easily. Do not overdo the accessories and make-up. Best to wear with a pencil skirt or a simple black dress!

Cut out heels 2


Don’t be afraid of mixing the colors and playing around with prints and patterns when wearing such daring heels! Especially with cut out stiletto heels that suit perfectly with dresses and skirts!

7. Block

Block heel


Beautiful ankle strap block heels rocking the feminine colors and patterns with golden touch to the outfit!

Block heels have a square block shape and are usually quite tall. This type of heel suits again for different style shoes. Outfit should be followed of the style – sandals give a little more casual look and round toe more feminine.

Feminine colors and bow block heel shoes can be worn with a quite casual outfit and made more elegant looking.

8. Wedges

Wedges 3


Estilo-Tendances loves these wedge heel platform shoes for this Spring/Summer 2014. Great example of how you can add color and interesting shapes to your outfit.

Wedge heel is a type of heel that occupies the whole space under the heel and platform wedges even under the toes. Wedges are more comfortable way of wearing high heels and they suit with almost any smart casual occasion or even for the night out. Since wedges make feet a little bigger, then try to avoid too skinny clothes in the whole outfit!

Metallic wedge high heels is the perfect option for this season. Mix them with different trends to make the statement!

9. Pumps/Court

Block-heel pumps with oversized dress are the perfect way not to make your feet look too big. Perfect outfit when traveling this summer!

When talking about pumps, they are a types of high heels then they are a little different category. Pumps mean basically any high heeled shoe that has heel and toes lifted quite a bit. Again a perfect way to mix and match accessories and clothing with the mood that your shoes create.

10. Cork and espadrilles

Strap ankle cork pumps – perfect summer shoe that is more modest.

Both espadrilles and cork heels are an interesting way of mixing different materials when making shoes. Definitely a great type of high heel to try this summer! depending on the height of the heel and the shoe itself, the outfit should be combined. Sandals with more casual summer dresses and skirts, also with jeans. Stilettos with jeans or trousers, jumpsuits or oversized dresses.

11. Ballerina

Those beautiful ballerina shoes are the perfect example of how to add different embellishment to you outfit with your shoes.

Ballerina heels are simple and elegant way to have the most feminine look at the event you are attending or even on the streets. Best worn with colorful, printed or patterned dresses! Try wearing with simple white or black to add even more elegance to your look! You don’t have to buy ballerina heels, you can just add the embellishment of your own choice to you pumps depending on the occasion!

12. Cut Out

Wear cut-out high heeled ankle boots /shoes with jeans or trousers to pull off the look for a more regular day.

Cut out high heels mean everything that stays in between sandals and ankle boots. Again the style depends on the mood of your outfit. Also the colors and the pattern of the cut-outs.

These elegant, feminine and sexy ballerina cut out platform pumps are everything that a girl who loves high heels can wish for.

Don’t forget that the key to fit shoes with your outfit is to follow the mood and the style of the occasion and yourself! Accessories and bag should always work together with your shoes, especially with high heels!


Which pair of high heels are you choosing to wear this summer?

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