5 Types Of Printed Trousers To Try On NOW! [Trend Report]

//5 Types Of Printed Trousers To Try On NOW! [Trend Report]

Which is the most practical piece of clothing? Trousers. They really are an important character in a woman’s lifestyle scenario. Trousers can give you men power, help you run after something on sale, after someone you like or from someone you don’t want to meet.

Initially women were just ironing pants for their husbands, but since the early 20th century, when women started to work in war efforts, factories and on land, trousers took a more practical purpose.

In the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of printed cigarette trousers, and became a pioneer of feminine type of pants. Floral, bold, geometric, bright colored and everything which was out of the regular black trousers were very popular those days and also today.

audrey hepburn printed trousers

Audrey Hepburn in cigarette pants Source: secretcloset.pk

Printed pants trend is still on since 2012. Even if it’s a trend for already 2 years, maybe you didn’t have the curiosity or courage to try this kind of pants. They can seem impossible to match and for some people even ridiculous to wear, but the best thing about this trend is the wide range of styles and prints. You can also choose simpler, not so wild themes. Trousers can be slim, loose, large, paisley pyjama or jeans type with: floral prints, graphic shapes, geometric patterns, aztec designs…

#1.Printed trousers with neutral colors

Printed trousers draw attention and tend to emphasize the body. If you want to go with the easy way and a sure outfit, mix your graphic prints with neutral tops, shoes and accesories. Printed pants will always look great with plain t-shirts, tank tops and cardigans.


Gisele wearing a pair of beautiful printed trousers. Source:glamourmagazine.co.uk 


Rihanna in tropical print trousers and top. Source:dailymail.co.uk

In case you are curvy or bottom heavy and want to hide this area of the body, opt for prints that space smaller graphics, because big prints tend to point out the body. If you don’t care about that, you can also go with big prints, because fashion implies wearing what you like and what you feel like.

#2.Prints and bright colors

If you don’t want to mix a boring basic t-shirt with a wonderful pair of floral trousers, add some bling-bling color. The easy way to do this is to pick one of the bright colors on the print and use it to accessorize your outfit. It will change your appearance completely and it has nothing to do with the ‘clown outfit‘.


Do you want a vivid appeareance and to be noticed as a fashionista? It’s easy, mix your floral slacks with another print. Choose stripes or printed tops. It may seem complicated or a too much outfit, but follow this simple trick: keep at least one color in common for trousers and top, and you are on the right track.

printed trousers


#4.Matchy matchy outfit

 Are you ready to embrace a printed top and bottom trend?

The trend started nearly two years ago, when Marc Jacobs launched the luxe-pyjama by matching oriental-print tops and trousers in his Louis Vuitton show for spring 2011. Since then, Luxe pyjama sets have been seen on catwalks from JW Anderson to Stella McCartney, Céline to Hermès. Maarten van der Horst’s was the one who presented more structured the pyjama-weight silk, in his summer 2012 collection, making it much easier to wear.

“Sometimes fashion has to reintroduce an idea that may have once been considered bad taste,” says Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles. ***one of the first high-street stores to embrace the matchy-matchy trend.

“Miuccia Prada’s way of playing with what is considered to be ‘bad taste’ has had a strong influence on fashion,” says Shepherdson.

“I mean, spending hours putting outfits together – who has the time for that, these days?” Lulu Kennedy’s

Tip: when choosing a matchy matchy outfit keep make-up, jewellery and accessories to a minimum.

beyonce matchy matchy

Beyonce in a matchy matchy yellow printed outfit from Gucci resort 2014 balleralert.com

printed trousers


 Do you think you have matched enough?DKNY

(Magazines critiqued her outfit from Laurence Olivier Awards, but I think she is just tired of all those long dresses)

#5.Flared printed trousers

It’s time to let our skin breath because skinny jeans kept it tight enough seasons. The trend is similar with 70’s but updated with more prints, patterns and space for the bottom. In the end, summer is coming and nothing can compete with the comfort of loose pants. If you want more inspiration on how to mix them with shoes, check out the Latest Trend In Terms Of Shoe Fashion: Block Heel Sandals.

printed trousers


Trousers are part of men’s basic wardrobes, but today also women embrace them with a lot of empathy. Trousers are very practical and can be worn with every type of shoe: heels, wedges, sandals, flip flops. Estilo loves printed pants because they are out of regular. Do you love them as we do? Share with us which combination of slacks do you like most. 


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