Winner #5 Giveaway Blushing Goodies

//Winner #5 Giveaway Blushing Goodies

With one day delay (we have a good excuse, it was Children’s Day – the whole team celebrated, although we’ve all passed 18 years old long time ago, but as my mother says “As long as you have parents, you’re still a child”) i am here to tell you who is the winner!

We had an awesome campaign, one of the best i must say, mostly on Twitter, and for this i will thank our lovely Intern that has made all this possible: Cristina Biclesanu. We’ve noticed that people are more into giveaways on this social platform, since we got 42 giveaway re-tweets.

Anyways, for our #5 Giveaway this year, Blushing Goodies gave away a beautiful feminine and versatile handmade necklace in a bold color. Perfect for accessorizing both a casual outfit or a formal one. Made from blue glass beads, gold accessories and colorful braided cordon. It is an unique piece!

If you hadn’t read the interview with Diana Luce, the person behind the brand, please don’t wait any longer and get to know her! Read the Interview!

Who is the Winner of #4 Giveaway?

Dana Joy

How did we choose the winner?

Through and the number generated was 14! Congrats to her!

What did she won?

This beautiful handmade necklace!

Blushing goodies giveaway handmade necklace estilotendances

Stay tuned for our next Giveaway!

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