Keep it Classy: 11 Unique Ideas for a Fun Girls’ Night Out

//Keep it Classy: 11 Unique Ideas for a Fun Girls’ Night Out
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Okay, ladies! Let’s have some fun. Who is with me?

Famous last words, am I right?

If you’re ready to have a fun girls’ night out but you don’t feel like going to the club — we get it. The club is so 10 years ago you and you’re ready to find some other things to do for girl’s night out.

We understand that it is hard to come up with ideas on your own so we’ve put together a list for you. Continue reading this article to get great girl’s night out activities ideas.

Must-Try Ideas for a Fun Girls’ Night Out

Having a girl’s night out is good for your mental health. Visit House of Hens or try one of the following ideas for girl’s night out.

1. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the latest and greatest craze for girl’s night. It’s a great workout that gets all of your muscles working and it’s a great stress reliever if you’ve had a rough week. If you’re a competitive person, this is a great activity to show up your girlfriends.

2. Game Night

Game night can take you back to being a child. If you don’t want to feel the stresses of adult life then a game night is the perfect solution to your adult problems — for the night at least.

You might choose to play more adult games like strip poker or do something a little more vanilla, like playing monopoly or Uno. 

3. Spa or Salon

Going for a night out at the spa or the salon offers a great place to have plenty of conversation. You don’t have to scream over the loud noises like you do at a night club and you can really get your zen on with your friends.

Treat yourself to a massage with five of your best friends or maybe go for that mud bath you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Pampering yourself with your friends is the ultimate girl’s night activity.

4. Bike Ride

Feel like you need a little physical activity? Bike rides can be a lot of fun if there is a nice lit bike path in your area. Maybe you have a lake or an ocean where you can ride your bikes near so you can watch the water as you’re enjoying a leisurely ride with your friends.

5. Book Club

How about some mental stimulation? Book clubs are a lot of fun when you have a group of friends that are into the same type of books. When you read books with your friends, you’re able to get more than one perspective on what you read and it makes the book even more fun when you can talk with people about what is happening.

6. Create a Craft

Crafting alone is fun but crafting with friends allows you to unleash your creativity on a whole new level. Get new ideas that will allow you to create works of art you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

7. Group Painting

Painting parties are another popular activity these days. And why wouldn’t they be? What ladies don’t love wine and watercolors?

Not only do you get the experience of painting with your friends but you also have your very own piece of artwork to take home with you so you can remember the night always.

8. Camping

If your friends are the outdoorsy type, it’s time to go camping. Enjoy some fresh air and good times out in nature with your closest gal pals. 

Depending on your comfort level with the outdoors, you might choose to bring a travel trailer or you might go tent camping. Take the adventure to the next level and try camping outside of a campground that has amenities. 

9. Take a Class

Taking classes with friends allows you all to learn something new but together so you don’t grow apart. Many times we don’t want to learn something new because we are worried about leaving our friends out but if you do it all together, you don’t have to worry about that.

Take a fitness class, cooking class or even a pole dancing class with your friends.

10. Roller Skating

Remember roller skating when you were a kid? Whether you were good or not, it was definitely a memorable time in your life. Why not recreate some of the wheeled magic in your adult life?

Don’t forget to wear some extra loud skating ring clothing to experience the full effects of roller skating in your teen years.

11. Blind Tasting

How about a good laugh? If you have some adventurous friends that can take a joke then blind tasting can be a lot of fun. Don’t make them taste anything dangerous but you can put some weird foods in front of them and see the faces they make.

Make it extra fun by giving prices to your friends that are able to guess the food that they are tasting. The prizes don’t have to be anything big but make it something fun like a gift card for coffee or to get their nails done.

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