Is It Better to Bingewatch? The Pros, Cons, and Health Concerns You Probably Haven’t Thought About

//Is It Better to Bingewatch? The Pros, Cons, and Health Concerns You Probably Haven’t Thought About
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What can be better than sitting down at the end of the day, with all your jobs completed, and indulging in a long bingewatch of your favorite TV series? Streaming has allowed us access to a new way of consuming television, and more and more people seem to be onboard.

But can binge-watching be dangerous? Is too much of a good thing harmful? We discuss the pros, cons, and health concerns of binge-watching.

What Defines a Bingewatch?

The first instance of binge-watching was the boom in boxed sets of DVDs in the late nineties. It was now easy to watch not just one episode, but multiple series back to back in one sitting.

In 2013, Netflix began posting new series in whole seasons, as opposed to releasing one episode per week. It transformed viewing, and soon anyone who had watched two or more episodes of a season back to back was known to be binge-watching.

With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, binge-watching became easier than ever. New devices such as Kodi boxes and the insignia fire tv edition became tools that allowed unfiltered content into our homes.

The Good Points of a Bingewatch

You may have heard the term ‘shared cultural space’ to represent an event or moment that brings people together in conversation and discussion. Binge-watching often allows people to make connections via opinions and shared views on the story arcs or themes inherent in production. It brings people together.

Binge-watching a series also gives a sense of relaxation and rest. At the end of a long week, most people love to settle down with a glass and watch a movie or series. The dopamine released by this content state induces a feeling of pleasure in the viewer.

The Cons of Binge-Watching

While in many people, binge-watching is a way to relax and de-stress, in others it can have the opposite effect. Some people can view it as wasted time and have feeling of remorse and regret. Others may feel sad and depressed when a show ends.

Health Concerns

Evidence suggests that binge-watching can lead to a loss of control. This means people who are not able to stop watching may neglect jobs, family commitments, and stop looking after themselves personally. The body becomes addicted to the hits of dopamine you get from watching your favorite series just as they would if you were taking drugs or smoking.

Of course, lack of movement and sitting for long periods of time can cause severe health problems in individuals. Weight gain is a result of this and binge-watching must always be balanced with periods of exercise. Any snacking done while binge-watching must be in conjunction with an exercise regime.

Should I Bingewatch?

Of course, you should. Everyone loves to bingewatch and like anything, done in moderation it can be a relaxing end to a day or week.

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