How to Start Doing Yoga

//How to Start Doing Yoga
  • how to start doing yoga

Doing yoga is a great discipline for both your body and mind. It is a practice that increases strength and flexibility while quieting your thoughts. Yoga is more popular now that ever, with millions of people enjoying the benefits every day.

As with any new exercise activity, learning how to start doing yoga can be intimidating and confusing. Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as it looks. Let’s take a look at a few things to know when getting started.

How to Start Doing Yoga

If you’d like to get into yoga but you’re not sure where to begin, then you’ll definitely want to check out this article. Keep reading for a complete guide on how to start doing yoga

Choose a Type of Yoga

The practice of yoga isn’t limited to one style or fitness level. In fact, there are many types to choose from. Many beginners pick vinyasa or hatha, because these are very basic.

There are many books and videos available on the subject that can be useful for directing you toward a type of yoga that will be the best starting point for you.

Find a Class Near You

Once you’ve decided what type of yoga you’d like to begin with, search your area for a yoga class that meets your needs, such as Nobe Yoga. If you already belong to a gym, ask if they have a yoga program for beginners. This would be a great place to start, and you could always seek out a more advanced class as your yoga knowledge and fitness level increase.

When seeking a class to join, speak to a number of teachers to learn what to expect, ask their approach for how to start doing yoga, and don’t be afraid to keep looking around until you find a class and teacher that feel like the best fit.

What to Expect

Most yoga classes follow the same general structure, though each will be somewhat different based on the personality of the individual teacher. Some teachers start with a chant, breathing exercises, or a short period of meditation before beginning a few warm-up poses and stretches.

The teacher will guide you through a series of vigorous poses and instruction before reaching the final relaxation. At this point you will cool down and perhaps have another time of meditation before ending the session.

Become Familiar with Yoga Stretches and Poses

Over the course of the first week or so, you’ll learn how to start doing yoga poses that you can practice at home. We encourage you to become familiar with a variety of poses that are easy for beginners, such as the child’s pose and downward facing dog.

Be sure and buy a good yoga mat that you can use at home and take to class with you. Remember, there’s no need to get in a hurry. Take your time and enjoy the learning process, and soon you will start feeling the physical and spiritual benefits that come with practicing yoga.

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