How to Create an Online Dating Profile That’ll Get You an Evening Out

//How to Create an Online Dating Profile That’ll Get You an Evening Out
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It is estimated that there are almost 8,000 dating sites around the world.

It’s no wonder why. Finding love online is fun, convenient, and addictive. But if you’re not getting matches, online dating can be discouraging.

You’re looking for love, but love doesn’t seem to be looking for you. How can you have a successful online dating experience? It all boils down to your dating profile!

What you put into your profile will make or break your online dating experience!

What to Put in a Dating Profile

If you’re a romantic with bad luck and haven’t had any success on dating websites and phone apps, you may need to revamp your profile! We’ve got you covered. Here are some online dating profile tips.


Photos are a great way to show your interests and your personality in action.

If your dog is your life, include a picture of the two of you! If you love to travel, have a picture of yourself in front of a popular landmark. Not only do your photos serve as ways to present yourself better, but they’re also great conversation starters!

You want to look presentable in your photos without going over the top in every single one. Choose a cute outfit that perfectly showcases your sense of style and a hairdo that complements your pretty face! A smile will do wonders by making you appear more friendly and open.

Feel free to go all out in a picture or two, but dress casually in your other photos. Don’t be embarrassed to wear workout clothing! You could land yourself a workout partner or someone who’s down for frequent adventures!

Choose recent pictures of yourself to give potential dates a better idea of what you look like. You don’t want to shock them when you finally meet and you’ve changed in the last five years!


Don’t skip your bio! Including a blurb about yourself is a great way to clarify what you’re looking for on the dating site.

It’s also the best way to show your personality. Introduce yourself and throw in a few jokes or fun facts! You’ll attract people who respond to your sense of humor and give them a way to break the ice!

Be yourself! You want to attract someone you’ll be compatible with, so do your best to display your real personality. If they can’t handle it in your bio, they won’t be able to handle it in real life, and you don’t need that!

As you read through profiles, you’ll get a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to get ideas from other profiles, but be sure to make them your own!


If there’s an option to answer fun questions in your profile, choose questions that best represent you and answer in ways that can facilitate a discussion with your matches!

Whether you’re trying to be funny, sincere, or smart, answering questions is another way to show off your personality and your outlook on life!


You want to be upfront about where you live. If your matches are close, it’ll be easier to meet up! If they’re far away, they should know they’d have to prepare for a long-distance relationship if things get serious.

Some dating sites are location-specific, meaning you can find singles in your area! For example, this dating site allows women in New Jersey to post profiles searching for everything from a workout partner to a long-term relationship! Consider giving location-specific dating apps a try if you keep getting matched with people who are far away.

Remember to never give away your exact location right away and plan to meet in a public space for your first date.

Land Yourself a Hot Date

Once you have a good profile, you’ll have to move on to having a conversation. This is where you’ll really be able to wow the person you’re interested in. A good online dating profile is a necessary first step, but things are going to get real in the chatroom!

Chat rooms give you the opportunity to feel a person out while giving them a sense of your personality. Try to keep the conversation light and friendly.

Be honest. If you truly want to know if you’re a good match for one another, you have to tell the truth. That being said, don’t feel like you have to answer super personal questions. You’re allowed to set boundaries.

If you think you’re both into it, take initiative and ask your match if they want to meet up! They’ll be happy you made the first move!

The Dos and Dont’s of Dating

With these tips, your profile is sure to start getting you some matches, but if things still aren’t going as planned, don’t get discouraged! Try asking some honest friends what they think of your profile! They can point out qualities you have that you could include in your bio and take gorgeous photos for you to include!

Try to be as thorough as possible. If the dating site or app gives you the opportunity to input information so matches can get to know you better, take advantage of it! Don’t send an incomplete profile out into the world of online dating!

Don’t give up! It might take you a few modifications to get your profile just right, but it will be worth it when you start meeting matches! It all begins with your dating profile!

Once you’ve been out on a few dates, it’ll be time to try some more creative date ideas!

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