How to Choose the Perfect Lingerie Sets to Feel Sexy

//How to Choose the Perfect Lingerie Sets to Feel Sexy
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When you pick out a new lingerie set, you usually picture yourself draped in beautiful lingerie and you’ll feel as sexy as a supermodel. But how often did the reality turn into several issues that escalate into a nightmare?

There are numerous things that can go wrong with lingerie shopping. Maybe you can’t figure out how to buckle that adorable corset. Maybe the store doesn’t carry your bra size. Or simply put, maybe none of the lingerie makes you feel sexy.

There are a few important factors that amount to sexiness. Here are a few pieces of advice so you can choose the lingerie sets that up your confidence and sexiness.

Choose What You Like

This piece of advice should be obvious. But women are under so much pressure when choosing lingerie.

They want to look like the supermodels the stores advertise, so they choose what they’re wearing. Or maybe their significant other has a specific preference.

While this pressure is easy to conform to, remember it’s all about you. Choose lingerie you love.

When you walk around a lingerie store or shop online, find lingerie sets you think are sexy. Check and see if they’re in your size and purchase them.

While sexy lingerie makes any woman look amazing, confidence comes from deep down.

It doesn’t matter what type of body you have or even if you’re pretty. If you feel sexy, you are sexy. And the easiest way to feel sexy is by wearing what you like.

If you think overly revealing lingerie is sexy, go for it. If you prefer an adorable teddy, go for it.

If you would rather stick to classic bra and panties, there’s nothing wrong with that. You can also choose to accentuate your piece with garters and stockings.

Dress for Your Body Type

Yes, this advice is outdated and can be a little discriminating. But it’s important to remember with lingerie, some pieces work better than others. It can be because of breast size, general body size, and the different types of pieces.

For example, women with large breasts are often restricted with lingerie.

Certain pieces, especially ones with built-in bras, often come in limited bra sizes.

Therefore, women with large breasts should find lingerie pieces that offer larger cup sizes. Or, they can wear a bra that fits and pair it with a cute lingerie bottom or a teddy that can fit over their bra.

If you can find lingerie that easily fits, there’s no reason why “dressing for your figure” should be discriminating.

You can dress up your best features.

For example, say you and your partner love your legs. Find a teddy or lingerie piece that covers your top half and shows off your lovely, long legs. You can even wear thigh-highs or a garter to bring your man’s eyes to your legs.

Going back to the large breasts example, you can choose a low-cut or push-up lingerie pieces to accentuate your breasts. You can do the same if you have a big butt: wear a thong and show off them cheeks!

And here’s the ultimate accessory, regardless of body type: high-heeled shoes.

Create a Lingerie Wardrobe

Do you have one pair of bra and panties to wear every day? No; beyond the fact that it’s unhygienic, it’s not practical.

While you may not wear sexy lingerie every day, is having a couple of lingerie sets unpractical? If you’re monogamous, your man will probably get bored of the same lingerie piece — and more importantly, you also will.

To constantly feel sexy and spice things up in the bedroom, create a lingerie wardrobe.

You can have different themes; for example, have a cute babydoll lingerie dress for a relaxing night in and a more Va-Voom piece for surprise weekend fun.

Feel free to indulge and splurge on special occasions. Surprise your man by wearing Valentine’s Day lingerie or a Santa-themed piece on Christmas.

You can also choose lingerie pieces by other factors, such as color. While classic black or leopard print is always sexy, you can spice up your wardrobe with unique lingerie colors such as green or gold.

And who says you should only wear sexy costumes on Halloween? Have a fun sexy nurse or sexy cop role-playing adventures.

Lingerie doesn’t have to be used for sex. Sexy robes and sexy sleepwear will make you feel confident and sexy.

Have a Favorite Lingerie Type

While a lingerie wardrobe is handy, you’ll always have your favorites.

Identifying your favorite lingerie pieces will mean you can always rely on your favorite lingerie sets when you don’t know what to wear, or you know which pieces to shop for.

Here are some classic and most-loved lingerie types:

  • Corset –the ultimate lingerie piece. It clinches to your body, accentuating your figure. There are many types of corsets that companies such as Corset Deal sell.
  • Bustier –a full garment that accentuates the bosom.
  • Negligees — a longer lingerie gown, usually see-through.
  • Teddy — a one-piece lingerie suit, usually sheer or lace.
  • Romper — similar to a teddy, but usually not see-through.
  • Babydoll — a super short piece of lingerie, similar to a dress.
  • Slips — similar to a babydoll, but longer.

If you’re a lingerie rookie, how do you know which one you’ll like? The easiest way to know is to try them all out. Find lingerie pieces in each category, and buy them. Try them on alone first, then wear them with your partner.

If you noticed issues, such as they fit weird or you didn’t like them on your body, then go with another style.

Once you have a favorite lingerie type, shopping for lingerie becomes easier.

Time to Shop for Lingerie Sets

Lingerie shopping is easier than it looks. Most women have difficulties because they don’t know what they like and they’re not confident.

But there are ways to shop for lingerie and feel sexy. Next time you pick new lingerie, take this advice and feel your confidence flourish when you surprise your man.

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