How To Choose The Best Cigars For Women

//How To Choose The Best Cigars For Women
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More and more women are enjoying cigar smoking.

In fact, since 2008, there’s been a 15% increase in women who smoke cigars.

But since smoking cigars has been largely a men’s game for so long, what they consider the best cigars may not be the greatest for women, especially for women who are new to the activity.

Read on to learn which ones to keep an eye out for.

What Are the Best Cigars for Women?

The three main factors you’ll want to consider when choosing a cigar for a woman are flavor, size, and atmosphere.


Much like wine, cigars have a flavor profile. They can be nutty, peppery, smoky, even leathery. Most women tend to lean toward cigars with a sweeter flavor profile.

Among the most popular cigars for women are those that are fruity. For instance, the CAO Moontrance smacks of tropical fruitiness without being cloyingly sweet. It also boasts a pretty smooth draw.

The Tatiana Groovy Blue takes fruitiness to another level. This cigar flavored with berries that have been soaked in vanilla and laced with honey and cognac. So it’s a great option for women who love the delectable taste of vanilla and berries.

If fruit isn’t really your thing, another good quality flavored cigar is the Java Mint by Drew Estate. It’s a little like smoking mint chocolate chip ice cream with just a hint of coffee. Smooth and tasty, it’s very popular among women.


Typically, women tend toward smaller cigars or cigarellos. But sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right blend and then getting comfortable with the size in which it’s available.

For women who already smoke cigarettes, but don’t necessarily want a fruity number, the Macanudo Cafe Portofino is a great alternative. It’s mild and a little sweet, but it also has a thinner ring gauge. This makes it a good fit for a smaller hand, as it will feel similar to holding a cigarette.

Then again, some women aren’t interested in starting small.

In this case, the Alec Bradley American Classic is the perfect place to start. Its light and smooth flavor at the beginning gradually become darker with a bit of bite like espresso. Plus, the hearty construction of this cigar delivers the classic cigar smoking experience.

Just a word of warning about the Alec Bradley American Classic though. This cigar is categorized as a medium strength smoke. That essentially means it’s gonna be at least a little bit of a punch in the face. That punch will have more power if she’s a complete newbie.


Finally, consider the where and when you plan to enjoy the cigar.

In an ideal world, you would be able to jet off to some exotic locale like Panama, sit for a couple of hours, and enjoy a Cuban beauty at some amazing club like the one at this website.

But if you’re dipping into the local cigar bar while waiting on a dinner reservation, then you might have 30 minutes tops.

So be sure to select the cigar based on the amount of time you’ll have to enjoy it too. No sense it letting it go to waste.

Kick back and Enjoy!

If you’re curious about cigars, throw on your new spring dress, grab your friends, head to the cigar lounge. And don’t be afraid to ask about the best cigars as a new cigar smoker.

Even if you don’t like cigar smoking, you’ll be able to say you tried something new!

And keep checking back with our blog for other new and interesting lifestyle ideas.

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