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You plop down on your couch to enjoy a nice evening of TV when one of the legs breaks and sends you dropping a little lower than you wanted. Guess you’re in the market for a new couch now.

You’ve been thinking about buying a new one for a while now but it’s been so long that you’re not sure how to buy a sofa anymore. What do you look for? Does it matter what shape the couch is or what materials the cushions are made of? 

Yes, it does! To help you find a couch that suits your style, needs, and comfort levels, check out this guide.

1. Try Before You Buy 

Before you commit to buying that Minotti Anderson sofa, you’ll want to try it out. You would do the same for a mattress or car right? The main thing that you’re looking for is depth level. 

if you want something firm then 18-22 inches deep will suit your needs. If you want it to be so deep that it’s easy for you to fall asleep on it on accident then 24-33 inches will be better for you. One last pro-tip before we move on.

When you’re testing out sofas sit on it how you would at home. For example, if you like to stretch out test the width of the couch by stretching out. You want to make sure that you can comfortably do this without the armrest jabbing you in the back. 

2. Sofa Shape 

How you’re able to use your sofa in your living room is very dependent on the shape of the couch. Your main choices in this department are L shape, stand-alone, and round. 

L Shape

Getting an L shaped sofa is good if you’re trying to draw a line between two rooms that sort of blend together. It provides a lot of space which gives it sort of a casual feel. It says, lounge, play a video game, nap, or binge watch that series you’ve been waiting for. 


If you want a more formal feel then you’ll need to go with a stand-alone couch. It’s a cleaner line so it screams fancy sitting room. 


If you tend to have a lot of people over for gatherings then a round shape would be a good choice. They can take up a lot of space depending on the size but if you have a lot of room available this isn’t a bad thing.   

3. Couch Frame 

Couches aren’t cheap so you want to make sure your new one will last you for a few years. This being said you need to look at the quality of the frame. It should be sturdy to keep up with high traffic and frequent lounging. 

Thick hardwood, is a great choice for this. You’ll want to stray away from particleboard and aluminum. 

4. What’s in the Cushions?

The filling that’s in the couch is almost as important as the quality of the frame. Feathers are comfortable but you’ll have to plump them on a regular basis. 

Foam is nice and cushy but it will lose its shape or get uncomfortably flat over time. The sweet spot is getting a couch that uses a combination of both feathers and foam. The feathers make it comfortable while the foam provides your back with support.  

5. Fabrics 

You’ll want to do your homework when it comes to fabric materials. Suede is plush and comfortable but if you have kids and pets or your couch sees a lot of use then it will wear out fast. Not to mention the stains. 

Leather is a good choice. It comes in darker or neutral colors that go with everything and it’s easy to clean it in the event of juice spills and pet accidents. Cotton velvet is another good choice for this. 

6. Go with Your Gut 

Whatever sofa that you go for no matter the shape or material it should match up with your own personal style. If your home has a modern feel and you tend to favor it, then clean lines and bold colors are the way to go. 

If you’re more of the traditional sort then neutral fabrics are your best bet. If you like a mixture of the two then a modern couch with vintage accents is a good choice. 

7. Measure Your Living Room

The worst thing in the world is finding a couch that you love to find out later that it won’t fit in your living room. Do yourself a favor and measure your living room before you go sofa shopping. 

While you’re at it, take a tape measure to your door frame. You want to make sure the movers can get the sofa in your home in the first place. 

8. Bright, Printed, or Neutral 

Going back to fabrics you’ve got a choice between bright colors, printed patterns, and neutral colors. Bright colors and funky patterns are a great way for you to show off your unique personality. 

Bold patterns will also hide stains if you’re more than a little clumsy or have kids. The problem with these bright colors is that they may not match the theme of your living room anymore if you decide to paint or change anything. 

That’s why some people would rather spring for neutral colors. Keep in mind that neutrals tend to fade if you put your sofa in the direct path of the sunlight. If you want to avoid this, spring for synthetic material. 

How to Buy a Sofa That You’ll Love 

Are you in the market for a new sofa? You’ll need one that will fit with the theme of your living room, match your personal style, suit your needs, and be comfortable. Consider some of these tips on how to buy a sofa when you go shopping to find your dream couch. 

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