How to Be Country Club Chic this Summer

//How to Be Country Club Chic this Summer
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What do country clubs and runways have in common?

Both of them present an opportunity to dress chic, whether it’s a Monday or a Sunday.

The rules about dressing conservatively at a country club have loosened a bit, opening up more opportunities to show off your style. But how do you achieve the modern country club look without going overboard?

Read on for some tips on how to impress with your apparel at the country club.

The Top

You can go with the classic buttoned-up polo shirt. However, you can also choose an open-neck shirt or a blouse if you choose. They can be full sleeves or sleeveless.

Don’t be afraid to try out some different colors – white isn’t the only option. You can also opt for patterns or polka dots to up the visual appeal.

If you’re worried about not dressing modest enough for a country club, you can slip a sweater over top of the shirt. However, at the same time, your country club outfit shouldn’t be too revealing. For example, try to avoid halter tops.

The Bottom

There’s no need to only consider khakis (although there’s nothing wrong with them either.) However, you can let some of your femininity shine with a skirt or shorts that come down to just above the knee. Sundresses are also a more modern choice for country club attire.

Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s not too loose fitting or too tight. Comfort is important, especially if you’re trying to take a few strokes off your golf game with Taylormade irons.

Keep in mind that some fabrics fare better than others in the summer heat.

The Shoes

It’s best to go with flats or a very modest heel. Consider that if you’re attending an event at a country club, you’ll likely be walking on grass. You don’t want your heels digging in.

You can also get away with espadrilles, which are canvas or leather shoes that feature a rope sole. There are no laces to fiddle with on these shoes, and they’re both comfortable and stylish.

The Accessories

While your corporate functions perhaps don’t let you show off your jewelry, country club events do. Consider wearing your favorite statement ring, or put on a silver bracelet with a charm.

Think about adding a thin belt with a pop of color, or even trying out a hat with a wide brim that wouldn’t fly at a business meeting.

A good pair of sunglasses and a small handbag that’s easy to carry are also options to consider. For makeup, you don’t want to overdo it, but wearing some can make you look more competent to other guests.

Bring City Style to That Country Club Look

Country club attire is more sophisticated than it used to be, so why not take advantage of that? Whether you’ve been invited to a fundraiser at a country club or you’re an avid golfer, you can be a bit more liberal about what you wear and a little more creative too.

Until the next time that you get to try out your newest country club look, read about how you can experiment with a geek chic theme.

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