How Do You Pay for a Wedding?

//How Do You Pay for a Wedding?
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Weddings are a huge milestone in everyone’s lives. When you get to celebrate life and love, why wouldn’t it be a big deal? 

But how do you pay for a wedding when it could cost you close to 20,000 dollars or more? It’s a daunting prospect, paying that much for your most memorable day. But if you keep reading, you’ll find out some ways to help pay for it. 

A History of Wedding Expenses 

There’s no question that times and traditions change through the years. Money inflates, price tags go up, and people want more. 

For instance, the white wedding gown you’re currently shopping for? That wasn’t always a thing. People wore the best dress they had on hand, and their bouquets were wildflowers. 

What about wedding prices? Couples in the 1950s wouldn’t know how to afford a wedding nowadays. A 20,000 dollar wedding now would have cost 1,900 dollars in the ’50s. 

But see, the concept of weddings has changed since its conception. It’s no longer about being practical but choosing to spend your life with someone because you want to. As a result, the celebrations are getting bigger and better than ever before. 

How Do You Pay For a Wedding? 

You don’t have to rob a bank or beg on the street to get that magic number. Most people afford weddings by being smart about their money. Here’s how you can, too. 

1. Keep Your Guest List Short 

It’s hard to even think about leaving people out of your guest list, we get it. There are so many people with whom you’d like to share your day. But you have to be practical, like most other brides and grooms before you. 

There are some people on your list who you haven’t seen or spoken to in years. That person you only met once that your mom wants you to invite? Nix them. 

The point of your wedding is to have people who you know well. Everyone that has been a major part of your life won’t feel like a burden. Anyone else that makes you pause, don’t worry about them. 

In the long run, this will save you money, space, and peace of mind. 

2. Save Money, Skip Non-Essentials

Do you need that specific backdrop? Are you even going to miss not having several photographers getting all the angles? Is that expensive venue better than the one with equally beautiful scenery? 

Affording the wedding of your dreams is about wise choices. Compromises aren’t going to make your big day any less special. If anything, they’ll make the months after less stressful for you both. 

So, choose the cheaper of any two options. And don’t over-pack your wedding with things that you’ll only throw away later. There are thrifty ways to create a gorgeous wedding. 

3. Build Your Credit 

Most young couples don’t start off married life with a good credit score. If that’s the case for you, now is a good time to look into a credit card. It sounds daunting, but it could help set you up for later. 

Credit is critical for most major purchases in life. If you think you may not have the money on hand for paying for a wedding, this is a good idea.

Using a credit card will help split the costs over payments instead of huge lump sums. As long as you stay on top of your payments, it won’t become a problem. Only put a few of the purchases on it, and pay for everything else with what you have. 

4. Borrow the Money 

Everyone has to borrow money at some point in their lives. And people you love are more than likely going to be willing to help you pay for your wedding. 

Create a fund for donations and make it a fun request for help. You can also ask for money in lieu of wedding presents. Parents and close relatives love to help newlyweds get their start. 

If you don’t like asking for money or don’t have the option, consider wedding day loans. 

Need extra funds for the catering? Did the venue end up being more than you thought it would? This site says there’s no need to give up those items. Choose the amount of money you need to finish planning, and then you can pay it back at a later date. 

5. Wedding Party Gifts 

Here’s the thing: wedding party gifts aren’t a long-standing tradition. Used to, people didn’t expect a gift for being in your wedding party. Being asked was great enough. 

But, now the tradition is there and you look rude if you don’t give your bridesmaids something. The trouble is, those little trinkets can add up. Especially if you have a large wedding party. 

If you want to show your appreciation, why not do something handmade? Create tiny scrapbooks of memories you have of the people in your party. Or, you can put together jewelry to wear on the wedding day.

Get creative with your thanks. People enjoy heartfelt gifts. 

6. Have a Yard Sale 

Are you trying to find the last few dollars needed for photography or catering? Have you pinched and skimped as far as you’re capable? Having a yard sale could help you get that extra amount needed. 

If yard sales aren’t for you, the internet is a click away. There are several websites and gifts that offer a place to sell your high-end items. Auction off your items, or share them with people you know. 

You never know how much extra cash you can make by purging your household items. It’ll even create a new space for all those wedding gifts you’re bound to get from your friends. 

More Financial Advice 

So, how do you pay for a wedding? First, by realizing that things mean little when you’re marrying someone you love. Second, by being smart and proactive about how you spend your money before the big day. 

Want more financial advice? Stick around and check out our money and business archives for more. 




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