From All of Us: 10 Ideas For Gifts From a Group at Every Budget

//From All of Us: 10 Ideas For Gifts From a Group at Every Budget

Deciding on a gift for one person is often hard enough. When gifting as a group, it can be downright impossible. Have you been tasked with picking a ”from all of us” gift? Fear not. You have come to the right place for inspiration.

Whether it is a colleague, a boss, or a mutual friend, there is always something you can pick. There are gifts at every price level too. The secret is to add a personal touch from all the members in the group.

From All of Us: 10 Ideas for Gifts from a Group

When you are giving a gift “from all of us”, you want it to be something extra special. Here are great ideas for gifts from a group, no matter what your budget!

1. A Signed Card

A signed card is a simple gift that has plenty of sentimental value. If your group is not looking to spend too much money, you can get a card, and then each member of the group can sign it. The card shows that you appreciate the person without breaking your pockets. The beauty of cards is that it is possible to make a completely custom one from scratch. The person will appreciate that the members of the group took time out of their schedules to show their appreciation.

To make the gift of a card more meaningful, each member of the group can write down a sweet note appended to the card for an extra special gift.

2. A Photo Book

A picture is worth a thousand words. For a special gift that is cheap yet meaningful, the group can create a photo book with photos showing the person going through milestones. For instance, if an employee is retiring, the employees can create a photo book with all the important photos of the retiring employee along with the other members in the group.

Many services offer the ability to create stunning photo books. The books make for memorable gifts from a group because the photos are cherished memories.

3. Photo Blankets

Another awesome special gift idea in the same vein is a custom photo blanket. The photo blanket is covered with a photo that you select. If the person you are gifting has something they love, such as a pet, the group could print a picture of the pet on a blanket for a meaningful and useful gift.

If the group decides to gift a photo blanket, these special blankets from Customenvy will take your gift woes away.

4. Gym Membership

Gifting someone a gym membership is a great gift idea. Nothing is more important than one’s health. If someone is retiring and employees are brainstorming group gifts, a gym membership is thoughtful and useful. The group can pool funds and pay for a one-year gym membership. The retiring employee will appreciate the gift because they will finally have the time to make use of the membership.

The retirement gift does not necessarily have to be a gym membership. It can also be a subscription to an aerobics class or a dance class. The group can decide on an activity that is in line with the interests of the person.

5. A Book

A book is another affordable but wonderful gift idea for a group. Books are special gifts because they indicate that people took the time to find out one’s interest and gift a book that is in line with those interests. For instance, if the person is a history buff, the group can gift a special history collection on World War II or something in the same vein.

Books are ideal because there are a great variety of topics and book formats; one of which will make the perfect book for a gift. For added sentimental value, each of the group members can sign the first pages of the book.

6. A Watch

People attach sentimental value to watches making them the perfect group gift idea. Watches do not have to be prohibitively expensive. If the group members pool their funds, they can get a high-quality watch that will last a lifetime and act as a reminder of the group’s appreciation and love.

To make it extra special, the group can engrave the back of the watch with a loving message.

7. A Wellness Retreat

Maybe the person could do with a few days of complete relaxation. The group can pitch in and get the person to a wellness retreat where they are treated to a relaxing environment where they can let go and unwind. A wellness retreat is ideal as a retirement gift because the person does not have to worry about finding the time.

8. A Magazine Subscription

Another special group gift idea is a magazine subscription. Like books, magazines are versatile with many different magazines catering to different niches. The group likely has a good idea of what the person’s interests are, be it beauty, cars, camping, or any other interest. A yearlong magazine subscription will deliver plenty of value and send a message that the person is loved and appreciated.

9. A  Bag

A bag makes for a special gift that anyone can fall in love with. If the person is a male, the group can gift a well-appointed and classy duffel bag. On the other hand, if the person is a female, the group can gift a handbag. Options for all prices exist when it comes to bags, meaning the group need not spend too much for a special gift.

10. A Bottle of Wine

Another special gift is a bottle of wine. A bottle of wine helps commemorate a special occasion. The group can gift a special bottle of wine as a way of showing their appreciation and affection.

It need not be a bottle of wine. If the person is a whiskey lover, it can also be a special bottle of whiskey.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to “from all of us” gifts, the key is to keep it simple. Overthinking will make it harder to decide on a gift. It may sound cliché, but it is the thought that counts. If you can make the gift presentation an event, then it may be even more special to the recipient. They will hold the memories longer than the gift will last.

If you want more thoughtful gift ideas, go ahead and check out our page. 

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