What to Do Immediately After a Tenant Leaves

//What to Do Immediately After a Tenant Leaves
  • After a Tenant Leaves

Just got a move-out notice? Losing one or more tenants in the next few months and already feeling the pressure? Working as a landlord or property manager means you deal with tenants moving, and you should have a plan when you receive notice. 

Depending on where your property is and the landlord-tenant law in your area, your tenant may need to give anywhere from 20 to 60 days’ notice. And once you get that notice you can begin taking steps to fill your property again and avoid missing any rent. In theory, you could have a new tenant in as soon as the previous one leaves, but you will need to take a few steps to make that happen.

Start Advertising

While this list is for things to do right after a tenant leaves, this can be done even earlier. As long as you speak to the tenant and have a clear timeline to work with, you should begin advertising the property immediately to drum up interest and fill that future vacancy. Be clear with what you want and need from prospective tenants like if a tenant background check and credit check will be run, and what is allowed on the property.

Unless the space has drastically changed since it was previously advertised, you can use the old pictures from before the past tenant moved in. And once they have moved out you can always go in and take new ones to freshen up the listing on whatever sites you like working with. 


Once the tenant moves out it good to go through, after walking through with them, and check that certain things around the apartment are still up and running. You’ll want to check the windows, blinds, smoke detector, drains, any additional appliances, and see what could use more cleaning. Things like windows and shelves are easy to miss but are often checked by prospective tenants during tours.

You will want to switch over the utilities to your name until you can get a new tenant in. And on the final walk-through, you can consider any possible upgrades or improvements the unit may benefit from, and of course, prepare to fix any damage the space may have received.

Keep It Clean

Obviously, you want the unit to be clean and looking ready for whoever may move in next, but if the previous tenant didn’t clean to your standards or you just want a more thorough job done you will want to hire cleaners. If you’re new to working as a landlord or property manager, look at how things changed or what could use an extra round of cleaning like carpets, the kitchen, and the bathroom. 

Depending on what you expect from your tenants and how clean they left it, you might need to look into prices for end of tenancy cleaning. Many landlords ask that the tenant clean the unit, but then provide further cleaning before the next tenant moves in.

Another Tenant In No Time

If you follow these steps for right after your current tenant moves out, you’ll be sure to have a property ready to rent soon. Be sure to maintain the space for any prospective tenants and advertise. If you’re listing stays on the marketing too long, look at the pictures and descriptions used for the unit and neighborhood.

By taking care of your space, you’ll be taking care of whoever fills it next. If you found this article helpful check us out for more great home and work tips.


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