So, it’s coming up to mid-November (can you believe it?!) meaning the festive period is just around the corner. Whilst we have many (MANY) beauty favourites all year around, every beauty guru knows this is when all our beloved brands release their finest creations – this year did not disappoint. Whilst we have just about overdone that gorgeous Autumnal glow with all our favourite nudes and naturals, it is time to get a little more adventurous with the hottest makeup products of the moment. While selecting a few of my favourites, I found five of my favourite brands reappearing again and again. Take a look why!

Hottest Makeup Products Of The Moment

Urban Decay

Vice Palette:

The Urban Decay Vice is the latest eyeshadow on the market. Whilst the vice palettes are traditionally more eccentric and bold than the naked palettes, there is something about this new addition that seems a little more approachable.

Although the colours are still as extensive in choice and deep in colour, there appears to be a significant number of shades that have been toned down to create a less intense and chicer look with the option to experiment still being present.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)

Naked on the run:

If you are beginning your Christmas shopping, this is the ultimate gift. While Naked on the Run was just beginning to appear on the shelves last year, the demand was so high that our chances of getting hold of it were second to none. However, months on and it’s still all the rage.


The gift set includes all the necessary essentials for creating the perfect look within a cute compact design. Packed with some of the best selling eyeshadows and products such as the world renown bronzer, this is one makeup product we find ourselves lusting after.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)


Tempting threesome:

This is one product I consider a handbag essential as my favourite makeup items are both mascara and eyeliner. Although the they’re real duo has been around for a few years the new ‘they’re real’ mascara remover has quite rightly earned its place amongst these array of products. What more could you ask for? Three of our favourites in one set.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)

They’re real eyeliner:

Here is every single reason why Benefit is simply genius. The brand itself is known for its fabulous product launches and this is without a doubt one of my favourite for 2015. The they’re real eyeliner has stepped away for a simple classic black and extended itself to a new colour palette. Blue, brown, green and purple look chic, bold and sassy whilst having the understated impact to make us feel confident enough to wear them.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)

Two Faced

Two faced le grand chateau:

This is one gift set you NEED on your gift list and is one of the hottest makeup products around at the moment! This extravagant gift set includes everything you need including some of Two Faces favourites, newbies and must haves. Staying true to its Parisian style these products find themselves located in a pop-up Chateau making it the prettiest piece of decor to sit on your vanity.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)

Better than sex mascara:

Once I’ve found a good mascara I am stuck with it for years. It is just one of the hottest makeup products of the moment that I have a love/hate relationship with and that’s because too many of our favourite high-end brands focus on skincare as oppose to the perfect lashes, although this is slowly changing. The Better than sex mascara creates voluptuous lashes that will be the envy of any false lash lover.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)



As part of its newest festive range, Burberry has launched two new lipsticks in festive gold and, of course, the divine military red. Everything from the packaging to the printed lipstick itself is the epitome of a chic and powerful makeup look.

Fresh Glow:

EVERYONE can’t stop talking about Burberry Fresh Glow. This long lasting foundation creates perfection and highlights all your finest features with its flawless finish. My favourite things about this foundation is that the product itself, like the brand, is iconically British. This formula contains a touch of lavender, rose hip and, of course, tea.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs roll-ons:

I have never been a lover of roll on perfume even if some consider it a handbag essential, however, Marc Jacobs may have just changed my mind. I am a lover of all his perfumes but, in particular, his Daisy collection, which is one that I find myself purchasing time and time again, but I simply cannot choose a favourite … and now I don’t have to.

The Sofia:

Why choose one lipstick when you can have five? This truly affordable collection contains five different shades perfect for every occasion and of course by one of our favourite designers. Whilst the colours vary they are ultimately found in deep and dark shades – a Winter’s dream. If their names are anything to go by we know this is one set we can’t miss out on because who wouldn’t like a touch of ‘Electric watermelon’ or ‘Very berry’.

hottest makeup products

@Sephora (US)

Darlings, which will you be trying? There are quite simply too many to choose from but for me it’s both the Urban Decay vice and Burberry kisses. If you are going to invest in some worthwhile makeup pieces, these are your go-to’s, I promise.

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