Healing Crystals and Stones: A Guide for Beginners

//Healing Crystals and Stones: A Guide for Beginners
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Healing crystals and stones are amazing. They are made by the earth over millions of years. They were here before we were and they will remain long after we are gone. They are a special creation, and as a result, they also have powers beyond our understanding.

Crystals and stones can be used to our benefit. Many people who use these natural objects report emotional, physical and spiritual benefits. Even if you don’t yet believe in this, using crystals certainly won’t hurt you, and they look beautiful in your home, so why not give them a try?

Read on to learn more about healing crystals and stones. Learn which crystals and stones have which benefits, and find out how to incorporate them into your practices, routines, spaces, and life in general.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Healing crystals and stones come from our earth and some even come from outer space via meteorite. They are all-natural, and as a result, they allow us to hold the power of the sun, earth, moon, and oceans in the palm of our hand.

Due to the fact that they are ancient and grew over many millennia, they have intense vibrations that can affect people and other beings around them in positive ways. Their energy is strong and incredible, and when we are near powerful healing crystals and stones, we can feel that energy deep down inside ourselves.

Why and How Healing Crystals and Stones Work

These amazing objects can also feel our energy and intentions and can help us to reach the goals and personal growth that we seek. Healing crystals and stones magnify our good intentions and help us on our way.

Healing crystals and stones have been used by people for thousands of years to help humans connect with the energy of the earth. Many ancient cultures used these natural materials as talismans, peace offerings, and jewelry.

Important work by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel proves the power of crystals and stones. He found that when observing crystals he grew under a microscope, he could make the crystals react in different ways by thinking about different things. If this was the reaction of tiny crystals, we can only assume that larger, older ones react in the same way.

How to Choose the Right Stone or Crystal for You

If you wish to add crystals into your everyday life or spiritual practice, there are many places to get them. Although you can purchase crystals and stones via mail, it is much preferred to do your crystal hunting or shopping in person.

Whether you mine crystals somewhere or buy your crystals and healing stones at a gem and mineral store or show, you can determine if you have a connection with a particular crystal by simply holding it in your hand. Close your eyes, and try to feel the healing energy.

Notice if you feel hot or cold sensations, pulsations, or a feeling of calm. Any of these can be signs that you have found a crystal or healing stone that will work well with your energy.

How to Harness the Power of Healing Crystals and Stones

Healing crystals and stones want to help you, but in order to do so, they need some direction. First, you will want to cleanse your crystal because you don’t always know who had it before you. You want your crystals and stones to be ready to serve you, without hanging on to any of the energy of the former owner.

You can cleanse your healing crystal or stone in many different ways. Some people like to use burning sage for this process. Others set theirs in the sun or moonlight to recharge them or bury them in the earth for a short period to reconnect them with the earth’s powerful energy.

Next, the best way to harness the power and energy of healing crystals and stones is by setting an intention.

While holding the crystal or stone in your hand, think about what you would like to bring into your life or what you want to achieve. Focus on your desire deeply for several minutes. Close your eyes, breathe, and be silent.

Aloud or in your mind, state your intention three times, and thank your healing crystal or stone for helping you on your forward trajectory.

Do this daily, or more or less as you feel fit. Carry your crystal or healing stone with you so you can repeat this process often. Better yet, consider purchasing natural stone necklaces so you can have your crystal or stone and its healing energy with you all of the time.

Specific Crystals and Stones and Their Uses

There are thousands of different types of crystals and stones in the world and they are all beautiful! In time, you will get to know many of them and will learn what each can be used for. For now, read on and learn about some of the most common and accessible ones you will find so you can get started on your crystal healing.

Clear Quartz

The most common healing crystal in the world is clear quartz, so that is a good place to start. Quartz is widely available and there are so many beautiful pieces.

It is considered the master healer because it works with the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. You can also use clear quartz to cleanse your other crystals.


You may know amethyst as the birthstone for February. It comes in many shades of purple. Amethyst is an excellent crystal for inspiring peace and calm, and is wonderful for use in conjunction with meditation. It also can help with insomnia.


Hematite is black and cool and is a powerful crystal to help reduce anxiety and stress. When worn in a necklace, it will keep you physically cool all day, but even just holding it and setting an intention will do wonders for you by fighting negative feelings and making you feel serene.


Citrine is beautiful in both raw and polished versions and it is a great piece for beginners. It is considered the best stone for manifestation and can help you to reach your goals. Citrine also inspires an optimistic, positive outlook and can make you feel like you can do anything.

Happy Healing

The above are just a few of the healing crystals and stones that are available to you. Once you begin learning about them all, you will never want to stop. There is so much that these crystals and stones can do for you. You will soon find that your life is exponentially better once you incorporate this type of healing into your life. Enjoy!

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