Healing By Design: Therapeutic Office Design Tips

//Healing By Design: Therapeutic Office Design Tips
  • Therapeutic Office Design Tips

Workplace stress is ruining productivity. In fact, every year an estimated $300 billion is lost because of stress in the office. 

And that means a therapist’s office should give clients a break from the chaos. The right office space can affect everything from mental health to a person’s physical wellness.

There’s no need to stress any longer. We’ve picked out the top ways to promote a healthy office. Read on for the top office design tips and steadfast tricks for a truly therapeutic office design.

Why Office Design Matters

The appearance of an office can drastically affect how a person acts and feels. Studies have shown a poorly designed space can pull down a person’s concentration and focus.

Beyond being distracting, it can up a client’s stress levels. And that can lead to poor health. When stress triggers cortisol, it can lead to health problems and physical damage.

A therapy office should promote the client’s wellness. And there are already therapy rooms to rent that keep this in mind. 

But for people decorating their own space, there are some simple office design ideas that can promote a healthy office:

Keep it Naturally Bright

This means using the sun as a health promoter. The sun can boost a person’s mood and improve vitamin levels. 

Let sunlight in with windows or skylights. If there is access to natural scenery, show it off.

Don’t have access to natural light? No problem. Consider using soft table lamps to promote a comfortable feel, or incorporate bulbs that mimic natural lighting.

Promote Nature in the Office

Decorating with wood and grained designs can bring a calming effect to a space. People also can benefit through plants and nature-filled decor.

Paintings that reflect natural scenes can help a client unwind. But make sure to avoid overly chaotic artwork.

It’s also smart to open up views to green courtyards, parks, or other open greenery landscapes. 

Clear the Communication Lines

It’s a good idea to decorate in a way that promotes easy communication and flow. That means clearing out distracting clutter like stacks of paper or boxes. It might also mean opening a space to make it feel wider or easier to walk through.

Try to eliminate big objects that might block the client from the professional. This can make the client feel more open to communicating and less excluded.

If there are tables in a therapist’s office that are used in sessions, consider picking round ones. These tend to promote more open communication.

Consider Calming Colors

It’s best to avoid busy designs or distracting colors that might overwhelm a client. Instead, pick out light, soothing colors, especially for walls.

Colors like light blue, grey, and sage green can promote calmness and a feeling of security. 

Health and Wellness Beyond the Office

These therapeutic office design tips should set up clients for health and success. And we have many more resources for women in the wellness industry.

Visit our health section here for the latest tips, tricks, and news about how to promote positive health and wellness.

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