Happy Birthday, Bibi!

//Happy Birthday, Bibi!

Today is the day when another Estilo Tendances team member is becoming more awesome, because we are like wine – we get better with age!

♥ Happy Birthday, Andrada Bibi! 




She started working with Estilo Tendances since 28th of October 2013, when we decided that Estilo Tendances needs a team. She was the first team member, as a fashion contributor. Since then she delighted all of us with around 29 articlespretty cool, right?

We love working with her: she is very responsible, she always does her best, she is willing to learn and to improve, she is honest, she is majorly passionate about Fashion and Style … and… hopefully, real soon, she will be the Editor-in-Chief of Estilo Tendances. (shhhhh!- let’s make it our little secret)

In case you have not seen her before, check out how gorgeous she looks like:



To tell you a little things about her: she graduated Banking and Finance last year, in Timisoara, Romania. Now she is enrolled for Master’s degree in Finance, in Padova, Italy. But in her spare time she secretly desires a fashion career (and so help me God, we’ll make it happen).

On behalf of Estilo Tendances team, i wish you that all days be filled with enormous joy, gratitude, love, happiness and abundances. I wish you peace and excitement. And most of all, i wish your dreams to become reality!

Happy birthday!

A cute video from the team (sorry for speaking Romanian, we wanted to wish her Happy Birthday in her own language)

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Feature image: pexels.com

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