HairStyle Trend 2015: Bob Haircuts

//HairStyle Trend 2015: Bob Haircuts

In my opinion every single article should start with a few words about the title and because today we invest so much in hairstyles, accessories and everything that is related to our precious hair, I want to make a short introduction to the history of the bob hairstyle.

HairStyle Trend 2015: Bob Haircuts

1920, the year when the women around the world started to make a change to shorter hairstyles. Easy to maintain, fair enough, but expensive and sophisticated for that time. By now, everyone knows that when we want something expensive and sophisticated are two words that simply don’t exist in our vocabulary. Apparently back then was the same. In that time women started to have short haircuts when they wanted to get away from their past, was something like short hair equivalent with fresh new life. These women were considered independent, progressive and willing to take out risks, fearless. So, let’s come back in our time and stick out a big conclusion: we didn’t change at all, we still love fashion, we still love to look good and to take care of us, even that sometimes beauty is pain.

Enough with history lessons, let’s get chic with some glamorous short styles! If you want to switch it up this is the right moment, take some style inspiration from us.

#1 Pixie cut

pixie cut

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I really need to start with the spectacular Audrey Hepburn, even that I said that history lesson is over. Named pixie cut in our days, Audrey’s hairstyle had lot’s of funny names in that time: the poodle, the bouffant or the flip. More interesting than her short haircut  is the story behind it, but I’m going to let you search it and read it. Pixie cut is usually a really short haircut, but you can leave a long fringe out, if it doesn’t bother you, like in a classic bob; after all bob haircut is just a long pixie cut. So, if you want a vintage touch, this is your hairstyle!   


#2 Precision-cut/long bowl hairstyle


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Probably my favourite one, but the thing is that I don’t dare to have such a short haircut, until then I’m letting you choose it. It might take some time to get this hairstyle, but hey…everything to look gorgeous. If you are a confident and courageous person just go for it!

#2 Asymmetrical bob

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With or without curls, this haircut rocks! Is absolutely stunning, and is not because she is Beyoncé, it will look the same n you. The asymmetric sides creates a very feminine look, is a bit longer in front to frame the face, plus the curls are very helpful right here; but I bet that is looking awesome on a straight hair as well!

#3 Classic bob

classic bob

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A classic bob is a haircut that you will never regret it! First, you can do a lot of hairstyles having this haircut, for example a side parted, loose, beachy curls or if you have a fringe, to get the perfect evening look, sleek down that fringe and pull over to one side. Second, with no effort you’ll rock the evening!

#4 Messy bob

Messy bob

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Let you hair run wild for once in a while! With a messy bob all of your concerns are over. Try to have a pre-bed product between you styling products, run you fingers through your locks and you’re  good to go. Who knew that a woke-up-like-this” hairstyle can be a red carpet do?!

#5 Undercut bob

Undercut Bob

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One more time you can see how versatile bob can be, so if you had any worries about short haircuts, please, just put them away. When I first saw this cool-girl haircut my mind was thinking at a boy haircut, but obviously the short version of it. So, if you’re masculine side is stronger than your feminine side, you should try this one!

#6 Layered bob

layered bob hairstyle

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Layered bob or a choppy cut look is one of the sexiest haircut. To keep up with this season, this rebellious, modern, playful and feminine haircut is a must do! Easy to wear it, not too much stress on maintain it- can be the perfect haircut. If your hair is fine, straight, thick or even wavy, don’t think too much and do it! 


 #7 Long bob


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Is the most popular haircut between all types of bobs. You can wear it even if you have curly, wavy, sleek or messy hair and is super easy to maintain it and another good thing about this haircut is that looks gorgeous with almost every face shape. This year is the lob year (long bob), lots of celebrities started to cut their hair like this, so what are you waiting for? Get a celebrity look!

#8 Sleek bob


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Cut shorter in the back and angled longer in the front this haircut is a must do for the girls with straight and thick hair. I tried this haircut, plus a side swept bangs, and I will do it again, even that most of the hairstylists will say that is not an interesting look anymore, but I don’t agree; if you feel and look good with this haircut, go for it!

You have no reasons to stay away from short styles, everyone can work a bob!

 Which one is your favorite style?

Tell us also which one you have already tried, everything in a comment bellow!

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