Get the Party Started: 5 Best Summer Drinks

//Get the Party Started: 5 Best Summer Drinks
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The weather is great and so is the company. Parties and summer go hand in hand and one way to bring get-togethers to the next level is to serve summer-inspired drinks.

Summer is a great time for fruit and a variety of them will be in-season making them the perfect base for a lot of drinks.

Icey drinks are also a favorite this time of year. Beat the heat by serving amazing cocktails. Your friends will thank you.

Need some more inspiration? No problem. Keep reading to learn about the best summer drinks. Keeping cool will be a breeze with these mixed drinks.

Spruce Up that Lemonade

There’s no debating that lemonade is a staple of summer. Making it one of the best summer drinks naturally, but it can be kicked up a notch.

Vodka and gin are great bases, then, of course, there are the lemons and/or limes. After that, any additions are only limited by the imagination.

Fresh herbs go great with lemonade. Consider adding in mint, rosemary, basil, or even lavender.

Extra Credit: add in those in season fruits. Peach, strawberry, and raspberry lemonade are sure to be hits.

Mermaid Water

For a fun addition to the party, try serving mermaid water. The base of this one will be rum and the coloring will be from Blue Curaçao. Add some flavor with pineapple juice and limes.

If wanting to sub in vodka, try mixing with coconut water and a blue drink like Kool Aid, Gatorade, or Hawaiian Punch.

Blueberry Mojito

Blueberry mojitos are as adorable as they are delicious. To make these grab mint, lime, white rum, club soda, some sugar, and of course, those blueberries.

A frozen and blended version of this drink is also an option. That blueberry flavor can be in syrup or fresh fruit form. Just be sure to add in some of the little berries at the end as a garnish.

Tropical Fruit Sangria

The more fruit the better for a fruit sangria. Eliciting the best summer vibes can be as simple as adding in tropical fruits. Some options include kiwi, pineapple, guava, mango guava, and dragon fruit.

For the sangria itself, the base is actually pretty simple. Mix a chosen alcohol (brandy and rum work well) with a white or red wine.

Watermelon Slushies

For this next one, knowing how to cut a watermelon into cubes is key. After all, fresh watermelon is one of the best parts of summer.

After cubing, freeze or add ice and blend. Then add in lemonade and liquor and one of the best summer drinks ever will be ready to serve.

Get To Serving Those Best Summer Drinks!

Hopefully, we helped out enough to inspire the next summer shindig. But no worries, we have more motivational content for every woman.

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