Gemstone Meanings: Significance and Power Behind Your Favorite Gems

//Gemstone Meanings: Significance and Power Behind Your Favorite Gems
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Gemstones are beautiful. They can perk up your home decor or, when worn, add stunning accents to your outfits. 

People often choose their gemstone jewelry based on aesthetics. They like the way the stone color brings out their eyes or accentuates their dress. 

It’s normal to be attracted to something beautiful, after all.

Some gemstones have powers that go beyond being aesthetically appealing. No matter what you’re going through in life, there are stones that provide what you need to get through it. Knowing gemstone meanings will allow you to choose the best jewel for your needs. 

Keep reading to learn about popular gemstones and their meanings. You may just find a new stone to add to your jewelry box. 


This stone has come a long way from its beginnings as a gem to ward off drunkenness

Amethysts’ deep purple color is almost instantly recognizable by people around the world. This gem emanates the relaxing energy you seek after a long, hard day. It works alongside the third eye and crown chakras to provide sound sleep and relaxation.

Reach for it when: you need clarity, a dose of creativity, or relaxing vibes.



Jades’ beautiful green hue can provide the clarity you need to see past self-imposed limitations. If you’re dealing with an existential crisis in your life, jade can help. It can provide the deep, intense light you need to fill your spirit with courage. 

If you’ve been coasting through life, jade can remind you to stop to smell the roses. It can remove any resistance you have to receive the love and light you deserve. 

Reach for it when: you need good luck.


Those who wear moonstone have better connections to their dreams. It is also said to help with inner journeys and tapping into the unconscious mind. Use moonstone gems to help clear negative emotions that are holding you back.

Moonstone can help you tap into your divine feminine power. It can help guide you to achieve more a more balanced and healthy life. 

Reach for it when: you need to tap into your intuition or femininity.



Opals can exhibit several different colors, from red to blue and even black. Black opal is the rarest and one of the most expensive gemstones at $2,355 per carat

It is said that opal can help heal old attachments and negative patterns.

This stone allows you to bring unconscious patterns to light, allowing you to deal with them. Once you’re able to remove what’s holding you back, joy can flourish. 

Reach for it when: you crave emotional healing.


The unmistakable fiery red color of rubies makes it a common jewelry gemstone. Wearing a ruby can help activate your passions, confidence, and sense of adventure.

Known for its ability to energize emotions, rubies are great when you need a boost in creativity or focus. 

Wear ruby when you’re feeling low on courage. This gem can help you meet and move through your fears. 

Reach for it when: you are feeling low energy and need motivation.


The tanzanite stone is named after the country where it was first found – Tanzania. It’s most often seen in blue or a blue-violet color, though it can sometimes be golden brown. 

Tanzanite is a very powerful gem, known for its ability to activate compassion. It’s excellent for people looking to awaken enlightenment within themselves. 

Reach for it when: you need clarity.

Pick the Right Gemstone Meanings For You

Now that you know gem meanings for some common stones, it’s time to choose the right one for you.

Gemstone meanings aren’t an exact science, though. You may find that the calming amethyst stone energizes you instead. It’s still fun to read through the different gems and their meanings to see if they ring true to you. 


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