Fun Exercises: 5 Simple Ways to Have Fun While Working Out

//Fun Exercises: 5 Simple Ways to Have Fun While Working Out
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Out of the 45% of people who make fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, only 8% manage to succeed.

One of the top 4 reasons why people quit hitting the gym is because their workouts are unenjoyable. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read on to learn 5 fun exercises you can do that will keep you committed to fitness.

1. Get Other People Involved

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a fun workout is to involve other people. Whether you ask your friend to join you at the gym or ask a neighbor to take a jog with you, it’s more fun when you’ve got someone next to you.

You could also get a bunch of people together for volleyball, basketball or soccer. You might get so into the game that you won’t even notice that you are working up a serious sweat.

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2. Choose a Location you Love

If you find it hard to get the motivation to go to the gym or put that workout DVD into the TV, chances are you need to switch up your surroundings.

You can get a great workout in outdoors. For example, running on the beach or taking a hike through the woods.

When you give your eyes a break from the mundane wall you’re used to staring at, you’ll breath new life into your workout routines.

3. Take a Class that Gets You Moving

Nothing gets you out of a fitness slump like enrolling for a new class. Choose something that will get your body moving and is something you love.

It can be a kickboxing or yoga class. Or try a variety of dance classes in Melbourne. There’s no better fun exercise ideas than taking part in something that you’re interested in and burns calories at the same time.

4. Revamp Your Playlist

Another key way to have fun workouts is to make sure your playlist is fresh and gets you pumped up.

If you’ve had the same 10 tired songs for weeks, it’s time to sit down and get some new tunes on your phone. Why not try a genre you wouldn’t normally listen to? You might find that you love the energy of a new type of sound.

Choose songs that make you feel alert and ready to go! Start your music in the change room to get you in the right mood.

Make sure to have a warmup and cooldown song on your playlist so that you can ease into and out of your workout.

And if you accidentally sing out loud while you workout, so what?

5. Challenge Yourself

Sometimes you can be in a workout funk because your body has grown used to the same ol’ routine you do.

Change things up. Set yourself a challenge and push yourself to your limits.

For example, set a timer and see how many pushups or situs you can do in a minute. Keep trying to increase that number each time you workout.

Final Thoughts on Fun Exercises

We hope you got some great new ways to have fun while you exercise. Any workout can get dull when it becomes repetitive.

Breathe some life into your workouts and you’ll soon find fun exercises that get you in a great mood all day long.

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