From Heels to Hiking: Where Is the Best Place to Buy Shoes Online?

//From Heels to Hiking: Where Is the Best Place to Buy Shoes Online?
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While the average American man owns 12 pairs of shoes, the average American woman owns as many as 27 pairs.

More and more of those shoes are being purchased online than ever before. But from shipping to sizing to finding reputable companies, how do you know what online stores to trust?

With thousands of sites to choose from, finding the best place to buy shoes online can be a headache. That’s why we’ve picked a handful of our favorites – so you don’t have to. Keep reading to learn more about why we love them.

Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Half the battle of buying shoes online is having good purchasing practices. Keep these tips in mind while you look through the sites on our list.

Know Your Measurements

A good online store will have a precise sizing chart to reduce the chance you have to return their shoes for being a bad fit. You should know the length and width of your foot to compare to these sizing charts.

Look at the Exchange/Return Policy

First, make sure the site has a return or exchange policy. Then, make sure they meet the basics. At the very least, they should give you a few weeks to return the shoes for store credit.

Look at the Shipping 

When the price is too good to be true, it very well might be. Some stores will offer shoes at a low cost but then gouge you on shipping costs. Make sure you know how much you’re paying in total before you click “add to cart”.

Know Your Retailer

When you shop online, you’re spending your money before you have the product. That’s why finding a retailer you can trust is so important.

Check online customer reviews to see how they fare. Or take our word for it and check out these Discount Ryka Shoes On Sale

Best Places to Buy Shoes Online

If you’re not looking for Ryka but you need everything from heels to hiking boots, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy shoes online. Find out more about each one below.


If you’re a sucker for second-hand, thredUp is the site for you. Carrying styles for women and children, and with prices as low as $5, they sell like-new shoes from all the brands you know and love. You can also sell your own barely used shoes and make back some of the dollars you’re sure to spend here. 

Running Warehouse

When you’re looking for trainers, sneakers, and running shoes, you have to check out the Running Warehouse. They have shoes for both men and women and the prices go as low $20 – but you can also find high-end styles when that’s what you’re after.

Just Fab

Solely for women – pardon our pun – Just Fab works on a monthly subscription basis. You sign up for free and every month their style experts will send you a personalized boutique based on your answers to their questionnaire. There’s not a style over $42.95 and they sell more than just great shoes.


When you can’t be bothered to make returns and exchanges, FTSY can reduce the chance of you getting the wrong size and style. This app allows you to scan your feet and the recommends brands, sizes, and styles for you.

More Ways to Be Stylish

Finding the best place to buy shoes online is more than a matter of knowing what you want. It also involves knowing who you’re buying from. Be sure to check things like shipping charges and return policies before buying – or simply choose from the reputable retailers we already know and love.

And for more ways to be stylish, be sure to check out our blog.



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