How to Find the Perfect Band for Your Wedding Reception

//How to Find the Perfect Band for Your Wedding Reception
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Your big day is coming up – have you decided on the perfect music to match your expectations for your wedding reception?

Booking performers can cost a few thousand dollars, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime party…do you really want to go without?

Here’s how to book the perfect band or DJ to keep your guests entertained until the early hours.

Will You Book A Live Band Or A DJ?

The first big decision is whether to go with a live band or to book a DJ.

Live bands might cost a bit more, as there are more people involved, and more to set up. A DJ, meanwhile, can keep going all night – but it’s often a very different type of music, and it can’t ever really match the vibe of a live band.

If you’re looking for a high energy wedding band, try a service like David Rothstein Music at Bands provided by services like these are expert wedding entertainers.

You can, of course, mix the two, by putting a band on earlier in the evening, with a DJ taking over later on. Keep the party going for longer!

What Type of Music Will You Choose?

Another big decision is the type of music you’ll choose.

Will you go for fun dance tunes, or a smooth jazz band – or even a string quartet?

This really depends on your own tastes. However, although it’s your day, you do have guests to entertain. If things are too calm you might find the party dies before you expect it to.

Danceable but accessible music is a good choice. With either a band or a DJ, make sure they’ll play music that everybody knows and likes.

If you or your partner come from a heritage with strong musical traditions, you might like to pick something to tie in with that. For example, if you’re of Irish stock, a traditional Irish band might be just the job. They’ll certainly get everybody on their feet.

Talk To Your Performers

Don’t just book it and forget about it. Talk to the act you’re booking to find out what they can and can’t do. Find out the type of music they normally play, and their specialties, to work out if they’ll be a good fit at your wedding.

If you have a specific song request, make sure you tell them in good time – a talented wedding band should be able to learn it given a few weeks’ notice.

It’s good to build a repertoire with your performers. They might not play favorites with clients, but if you’ve taken the effort to get to know them a little, they should be happy to put that effort back into their playing.

Congratulations On Your Wedding!

It might not have happened quite yet, but we’re excited for you. We’ve got much more advice on how to make your wedding the perfect event – from pre-wedding tune selection to lighting choices at the wedding.

Congratulations on your big day, and we hope your new life is every bit as perfect as you imagined it would be.

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