Editor’s Choice #12: It’s Sales O’clock!

//Editor’s Choice #12: It’s Sales O’clock!

What time is it? It’s sales o’clock, baby! It’s the most overwhelming time of the year, when you want to go shopping every day because everywhere you look there are red banners or red price tags showing a cut in prices! I plead guilty and I admit I could literally take a nap in the stores and take it all over again day after day until the end of February! Yes, unfortunately, this fabulous period has to come to an end eventually, so we have to take action immediately! If you haven’t gone already to a shopping spree, please dress yourself up and get out of the house immediately(of course, after you finish reading my article, cause I am going to give you some advice on what to buy)!

I always try to guide after “Buy less, choose well”. Does it turn out like this? Not always. Do I want to make some improvements? Of course! You know it’s said that everyone is good at giving advice, but not so good at enforcing them. It’s kind of my case too.


Today I want to show you some items you should focus on when you go shopping(especially on sales)! I will concentrate on items that really worth spending your money on them, especially taking into consideration the quality of the garments and also, their versatility! Curious much?

Check out my recommendations:

1. MAJE Gardner boucle-trimmed wool-blend coat, €158.00

black MAJE coatFist of all, we all need a black coat, right? You just cannot find a more versatile outwear garment than this one! The boucle collar just gives it a sophisticated touch, and together with the wool and cashmere composition, it is surely an elegant coat to be worn from brunch to evening dinners!

2. MSMG Printed satin mini dress, €347.50

msmg satin dress

It’s the kind of dress that will make you shine wherever you go! It highlights the wait(what every girl is looking for) and the print is gorgeous! Those bold red lips are transformed into a statement print by its designer, Massimo Georgetti! Now that it’s on sale, go for it!

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs leather shoulder bag, 192.50

marc by marc jacobs leather shoulder bag

If you were looking for a nude, leather bag, here you have a cool shoulder Marc b Marc Jacobs beauty. I love it cause it’s so simple and perfect for a casual chic look. Now that is 50% off, it’s time for to make yourself a designer present!


4. Nike glossed-leather and suede sneakers, €56.00

nike sneakers

Sneakers are totally the shoes you want to buy on sales cause you’ll wear them all spring, I assure you! In causal or glam combos, this pair will literally shine! They support your foot and feature the air technology for a great comfort!

5. Chloé silk-georgette blouse,  €260.00

chloe silk blouseIf you want to spend your money on an item you’ll wear 10 years from now, this is the one! A white silk blouse it as versatile as a pair of black trousers! You can find dozens of ways to wear it in order to have a clean, chic and comfortable look. If you like to play a little, wear it with sneakers (like the ones from Nike), or if you want to keep it classy, go with a nice skirt. It’s all a play if you have a quality white blouse!

What do you think about my recommendations? What do you love to buy the most on sales?

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