[Infographic] The Hidden Secrets Of International Fashion Weeks

//[Infographic] The Hidden Secrets Of International Fashion Weeks

That first glimpse of a new dress from a leading designer at fashion week can be a ground-breaking moment. Some of the most glamorous runway shows are held in the world’s fashion capitals of New York, LondonParis and Milan but how much do we really know about the finer details that go into a fashion week?

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How much does it cost for a designer to put on a show? What are the models paid and who gets invited? These are all questions that we wanted answers to. After all these fashion shows are broadcast all over the world and set the tone for the latest styles and trends to hit high street boutiques and stores.

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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the runway? I’m sure you’ve all got your ideas of absolute chaos with models, make-up artists and designers making last minute adjustments in confined dressing rooms. What I bet you didn’t realize is that 130 pounds of bobby pins have been used to secure model’s hair styles during one New York Fashion Week. If you think that’s scary, over 2,000 bottles of nail polish were used over just nine shows by one celebrity manicurist in a fashion week.

The runways of a top fashion show are always packed with photographers but how many shots do they take before they get the perfect image? The graphic below reveals how many pictures a single photographer takes throughout one fashion week.

Read on to discover the history of International Fashion Week and more hidden secrets behind these infamous events.

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