How to Dress for Professional Headshots

//How to Dress for Professional Headshots
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Headshots are the calling card for any business professional, real estate agent, actor or model. When appointments and potential jobs are based on that calling card, you need to make it stand out from the crowd.

Especially when 90% of human resources say they check out potential employees’ social media pages and professional profile photos.

Having a great headshot can set you apart. It can scream pick me or pass me. Casting directors browse through hundreds, sometimes thousands of headshots a day.  Potential real estate buyers look at numerous profiles when choosing whom to work with.

After all, the first step to getting any job is getting the opportunity to audition or interview. Making sure your headshot compliments your stellar resume will be enough to get you brought in.

A headshot isn’t to make you look like a supermodel, it’s to show people you’re a professional.

How you dress also makes a headshot pop. From color to the fit, your outfit for your headshot can make all the difference.

Read on to learn how to dress for your professional headshots!

Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Your Professional Headshots:

1. Flatter Thine Self

Nashville and Broadway star Kyle Dean Massey said, “Your headshot should be the best version of yourself. You should look the best you’ve ever looked in that shot. Dress like a star.”

Dressing for professional headshots can be tricky. You want colors that make your skin tones look fresh. You want a shade that makes your eyes pop. You want the fit that shows your body type.

Regardless of what item you’re considering, make sure it flatters you. Whether you’re slim and trim or curvy and beautiful, wear a top that accentuates all the positives.

Never wear white. It’s too bright for a photo and will detract from your face. Plus, unless your teeth are ultra white, it won’t do them any favors.

2. Color Coordinate

There really is such a thing as a skin tone analysis. Are you summer? Wear pale blue. Autumn? Choose something rich. Springs look best in clear, light colors. Winters pop in cool greens and grey-blues.

Find out what flatters your skin tone and hair color. Find the best combination that will highlight your colors and make your photo vibrant.

Matching your eyes to the color you wear is recommended for those with lighter eyes to help highlight them. Brown eyes are rich, and pairing a shirt out of your seasonal color wheel will always look great.

3. Make-Up

Makeup should be used in professional headshots to even skin tone, make sure eyes pop, and give your lips and cheeks a boost of color.

There is absolutely no reason to pound on the makeup like a drag queen preparing for her opening show at a local gay bar. Keep your makeup fresh, light, and even. Your professional headshots need to be the best version of you, but also a real version of you.

Spray some rose water over your make up right before the shoot to help set your look.

4. Hair

Hair is a key element to a successful headshot. Consider doing an oil treatment a few days before the photo shoot. This will create the ultimate luster for your hair.

Making your hair look full and luscious is important for headshots. A good hair-do can work wonders for any face. If you need extensions to help you achieve a fuller look, use them.

However, do not over do the hair. It’s a professional headshot, not your wedding day.


Consider all of the elements that you can control when going into your session, and you are sure to come out with a shot that you love.

Keeping your looks bright, fresh, and clean will make for an attractive photo that you’ll use for years to come.

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