How to Spice Up Your Home With Origami Decorations

//How to Spice Up Your Home With Origami Decorations
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There are only so many things you can do to brighten up your living space that can be truly out of the ordinary.

Sure you could stage your furniture in as many different ways as you can think of and introduce new decorations but how much of a difference does that really ever make?

Estilo Tendances has helped you decorate your lovely home in the past. But what is that one decoration that could give your home the “It” factor?

Well, have you ever considered origami decorations?

Come along as we teach you how to spice up your home with origami decorations.

Origami Hanging From the Ceiling

This is a popular option for spicing up your living space.

By creating a large ceiling design of different little origami animals, such as the ever elusive and famous origami crane, you will have a jaw droppingly beautiful display that will surely make any room in your home shine.

By suspending all of these origami decorations by wire or string, you will have a beautiful design that you won’t have to feel bad taking down when the time comes.

Since they are all made from paper and easy to reproduce, you can always start from scratch if need be.

Origami Flowers

Decorating your home with origami flowers is an elegant way to jazz things up in a big way.

You can pick and choose the color schemes and the flowers you’d like to imitate.

(We won’t tell anyone if you choose to invent your own kind of flower)

And on top of having total control of how vibrant your indoor garden of origami decorations ultimately becomes, you will not have the worries of watering normal houseplants while out of the house.

Your origami flowers will remain as beautiful as the day you made them.

That’s more than you can say about that dried out houseplant in your kitchen.

Origami in Glass Displays

Creating glass displays for your origami decorations is another wild idea that will get all of your visitors talking.

You can make a tiny little animal, a beautiful flower or any combination you can imagine.

By setting these little origami decorations on display for in your home you will bring a sophisticated fine art element to each room.

Origami Light Fixtures

Now, this is something that will blow the minds of your guests.

By transforming a simple lamp or ceiling light fixture with an origami decoration, you can completely change the dynamic of a room.

By interweaving different designs in your light cover come night time, you will have a conversation starter.

Creating cool shadow art will replace any need for you to get expensive decorations to hang on your walls.

And Voila! Now You Know How To Spice Up Your Home With Origami Decorations

With these helpful origami decoration ideas, you will never have to settle on boring house decorations ever again.

If you have any more questions on the best ways for you to spice up your home, feel free to send us a message someone on our lovely team.

Estilo Tendances is here to spice up your home!

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