Interior Design 101: How to Decorate With Wall Decor

//Interior Design 101: How to Decorate With Wall Decor
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Does your house not quite feel like home? It may be your art! (Or lack thereof).

Whether it’s portraits, paintings, or an unframed piece, you can truly transform your space with the right wall decor.

Read on to find out 3 interior design secrets to make your art look like it was placed by a professional.

3 Rules of Decorating With Wall Decor

Your art says a lot about you, so make sure it’s saying something good with these 3 go-to rules.

1. Do The Math: It’s Easy!

If you’re not sure what size art to go for, use this easy guideline: the width of the artwork should take up about two-thirds of the width of the wall.

So, if your wall is 10 feet wide, look for a piece or grouping of pieces that is about 5 1/2 to 6 feet wide. (More on making a gallery wall in #3!)

In the case of decor that is on the wall behind a piece of furniture or above a built in, the same rule applies. Just consider the width of the furniture or built in the “wall.”

Meaning, if your mantle is 3 feet wide, a 2 feet wide piece of decor will fit the space best.

A helpful tip is to think of the surrounding blank wall as a frame. A frame of a frame, if you will.

2. Display At The Right Height

In museums where people are mostly standing, the center of the art piece should be a little under 5 feet above the ground. 57 inches to be exact. This is the average height of eye level.

Often, it’s lower than the untrained eye would place art.

In rooms with low furniture like the living room, this makes the art look more incorporated into the design of the space. It also adds the right polish when hanging pieces of different size: always line up their centers at 57 inches.

If you’re hanging a piece in the dining room, try going a little lower to factor at eye level when seated, rather than standing.

Learn how to nail this measurement every time in this video by Architectural Digest.

3. Group Pieces Together

Gallery walls are a great way to display an eclectic style or a prized collection.

Pick pieces that speak to you as a grouping, and treat them as one piece when considering rules one and two.

Consider the visual “weight” (based on size and color scheme) of the pieces in the group. In most cases, more “weighted” pictures look best on the left.

In the case of displaying multiple small pieces, it’s typically easiest to pick your center piece first, and then work out from there.

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Now You Know!

These rules will help your art look placed on purpose.

Express your personality and style with art mounted where you and your guests can best experience it.

Speaking of guests, check out this great article on how to light a party next!

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