DIY Nail Treatments for Healthy Nails

//DIY Nail Treatments for Healthy Nails
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How often do you think about your nails?

If you’re getting a professional manicure once or twice a week, it’s safe to say you’re keen about your nails. But did you know that caring for your nails should go beyond getting manis and pedis on the regular?

In fact, the state of your nails can provide clues to your overall health. Very pale nails, for example, could be a sign of anemia or malnutrition. Yellow nails could mean a fungal infection.

The good news is there are nail treatments you can try for strong and beautiful nails. You could even do them at home. That said, here are 3 home remedies you should consider for better nail health.

Coconut Oil for Nails

As we’ve said before, coconut oil is getting a lot of media attention. Not only is it delicious, it’s got amazing health benefits.

When added to coffee or a protein shake, coconut oil can help burn fat and boost workouts. It also promotes better digestion and aids the body in balanced hormone production.

And of course, it’s amazing for hair, skin, and bone health. That includes your nails. To use, just apply on your nails every night.

You can also incorporate it into your diet. Keep in mind that good nutrition is key to healthy nail growth.

DIY Cuticle Oil

If you’re not a fan of coconut oil, you can use vitamin E oil as an alternative. You can apply it to your cuticles every night like you would with coconut oil.

Try to massage the oil for about five minutes for best results. In about two weeks, you should see some improvement. Your nails should be stronger, healthier in appearance, and grow faster.

Now, if you can’t find vitamin E oil capsules, you can use olive oil as a substitute. Add some lemon and you have a nail soak that has stain-removing properties. You can use this nail soak daily if you want.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Are you concerned about brittle or cracked nails?

ACV doesn’t just make a great facial toner. It’s also amazing for healing your gut.

Now, you may be wondering what your gut has to do with brittle nails. The answer is simple. Weakened nails are often a sign of nutrient deficiency.

If you’re missing out on essential nutrients, your nails would reflect it. Another way to use ACV is as a nail soak. Don’t use it neat though.

Dilute about a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water and use that as a nail soak. If you do it daily for about 3 minutes, your nails should get stronger. And your cuticles will start repairing themselves.

Add DIY Nail Treatments to Your Nail Care Routine

Now that you know some DIY nail treatments, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to change your nail care routine.

Don’t wait until your nails crack or split before you do something about them. Make your nails an essential part of your self-care routine.

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