Sunday Photo: DIY Christmas Gifts

//Sunday Photo: DIY Christmas Gifts

Officially, only 10 days till Christmas! This is awesome!

If you are like me, that means you still have not figure it out what to buy for loved ones because you want to give them something really special and why not handmade.

So, these days, i have made my own research on what to make and what looks super cute and also incredibly cheap. I am not for cheap things, but instead of spending hundreds on some mass market presents, i prefer to make something myself and give a priceless gift. Because, in the end, people will always appreciate something that you did, instead of something that you bought – not talking about superficial people here -haha. Don’t get me wrong, i love to get expensive presents, like perfumes, jewelry, clothes, cosmetics… but i am happier when i get something that someone spend a part of his/her time to make it for me. Everyone can buy things. Not everyone can make things. That is why is highly important for me. 🙂

If you want to get creative, here are 2 fun ideas, one where you will actually spend money on it and one for those who love cooking and baking.

Also, my favourite ones are those in jars. They are incredibly beautiful and easy to do and best ornaments. I attached a video too, so you can actually get to work!

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sunday-photo-Christmas-jar- gift-estilotendances-5


For those who love candles, or have friends who love candles, here is another video showing you how to make Holiday Hot Cocoa Candles!

If you want to buy perfumes, but still make something unique, learn how to create Bottle decoration. The video is about Chanel No 5, but you can apply the same template for any perfume.

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